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28 July 2006

Immerse Your Soul In Love

I have been overwhelmed lately trying to respond to 2 pro-Hezbollah bloggers and one Zionist. All I have been doing is eat, sleep, work, and blog. I have come to realize how far apart these 2 sides are. Peace will not be an easy thing. I have had enough with politics that lead nowhere, and I know you certainly have had enough. I will be away for a few days, so until then.... "Immerse Your Soul In Love"

Dust In The Wind

I am sorry... So many political posts. But not to worry, I will change it up for you after this.

Here we go again. The GodFather, has this post, The Trade-Off, on his blog and he asked me to respond. So here are my answers!

Shlemazl, thanks for the link that is supposed to enlighten us but well as a logical person who deals with statistical measures a lot and what people in my profession call statistical sampling, I guess 53 votes out of which 51 requires the disarming of Hizbullah is not a measure... Basically because it is a minor part of the population... It is less than 1% of the Lebanese population... It is an amount again people in my profession call insignificant or immaterial signifying that it is not representive of the entire population....
I agree. Of course a statistic on some forum does not represent the Lebanese population. However, by the same criteria you, and I, criticize shlemazl's answer, we should also criticize your own.

I will cut it short for you here.. I have inquired from the Lebanese people around me, Muslims and Christians, students of mine and people I work with, a number that can be estimated above 50 maybe even 60. I don't have an exact count and out of all these I got one vote againts Hezbollah... I thought I would tell you about the opinion of the Lebanese before we go on deciding for them...
This, too, does not prove anything whatsoever. First, it's a small sample just like shlemazl's statistic. Second, these are Lebanese people in Dubai as you explained. How can we say that the opinions of 60 Lebanese in Dubai reflect, or even indicate, the position of the Lebanese as a whole?

Mech. Crowds:I know I have been aggressive with you as I started reading your first opinions... It just hurts to see that a fellow countryman is brainwashed, Americanized, Westernized, I have many terms for that...
All that for me? You sound frustrated, but labels are not arguments!

And Mech Crowds I have a few questions I wish you could give me an answer to:

- Who appointed the US a judge to the entire world?

Nobody. Unfortunately, these are the rules of our world. If you have power, you can somewhat dictate what others do. I am sure this was the case with the Roman Empire, Greek, and even the Muslim Empire.

- Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was considered a horrible man when he started preaching Islam except by the few people who actually believed in him. So was he a terrorist because the bigger powers in Mecca were against him?

- What kind of peace could be built in Palestine if a government like Israel rules a land that belongs to someone else and if you try to reply me with the usual, "This is an old story" and those kind of comments please tell me if this will be an old story to you fifty years from now if that is the case with Egypt?
Are you sitting down? 'Cause this might be a little disturbing for you. Prove to me that this land belongs to the Palestinians! Why do you call it their land? Let's be objective for a second and forget that the Palestinians might look like us more than the Jews do. That is how we can be fair... neutral. The thing is you can't prove it's a Palestinian land and you can't prove it's Israeli. However, Israel, I believe, is ready to give up some land for peace, but the Palestinians want the whole thing. I say let's find a way to divide this land between the two.

- If you are right why do some Jews inside Israel consider that the land is Palestinian and if they wanna live there they should live as Palestinian Jews and not Israelis?
I don't understand the question! If I'm right about what?

- And well if you are right why do some jews outside Israel call the Israelis terrorists and try their best to negate the fact that Israel as a country represents Judaism but instead consider it representative of Zionists who have nothing to do with Judaism?
Again, right about what? When a group of people believe in something, it is no indication that that thing is true. This is not an argument for anything!

- And if all these people are right and you agree with me on all that do you want the Palestinians to work for peace?
Of course, the Palestinians should work hard for peace, instead of suicide bombings against civilians.

Well I would love to make a comment on this last question... Peace my friend can only be made when I have my land and you have yours and we agree not to fuck with each other... If I walk into your home and kill members of your family and treat the rest like a slave and then bring my family to reside in I would be stupid to expect you to call me for peace and don't convince me you would....
Peace does not work that way.. We as muslims are encouraged to be peaceful but not when our lands are taken.. Not when someone kills our women and children.... And when a muslim does that on our guard we have to stop him and bring him back to the true and right path and not allow Israel or the USA to do that and applaud for it....
Here are a few hints:
-There were no 'Muslims' 1500 years go, but there were Jews. Why do you call it 'muslim' land?
-Terrorists are killing our women and children, what are we doing about that?

Why would Israel give land if it knows that the violence will continue no matter what?

If we are gonna talk about Islam and about what it allows and what it does not allow then here is something that would interest you man... In the age in which the moguls attacked the Arab countries and even the non-arab Islamic countries there had been a fight between the muslims and each other and in order not to mix up names I will just say that the governer of Syria asked for the help of the French Crusaders to help him fight the Caliph in Baghdad and the opinion of Al Ezz Ibn Abd-ElSalam (The biggest Islamic figure and teacher in Egypt back then) was that it is a betrayal of religion and a huge sin to ask a non-muslim to help you fight a muslim even if he was at fault....
That depends if you view the terrorists as 'muslims' or not. Are the people bombing cafes, markets, and mosques in Iraq Muslims? The people bombing resorts in Egypt? The people bombing busses in Israel? The people that destroyed the WTC? If you think so, you can have this discussion with someone else, not me.

Pinky and the Brain.. You said that Hezbollah does not represent Islam... Although I do not agree with you I will make it as simple as this.... If they do not then applauding Israel for fighting them just gets us to one conclusion: We do not represent Islam either....
Again, same issue as before... I said very early on with my response to Raven that this is the core of our difference.

Mechanical Crowds.. You seem like you have learnt to be an activist from the West and well deploying that in the peace arena would be very good... But for God's sakes, understand what peace stands for... It is a concept and not a word... Unless all parties abide by conditions that lead to peace don't ask them to get there and don't applaud the enemy and act like you think they are just there for Hezbollah... Cause that I think is what I refer to as being brain washed....
So why is Israel there? Do you think Israel wants more land? That would not a be a smart move and would bring more blood shed, and they know that. They want stability. Yes, they are just there for Hezbollah. Calling me brainwashed is not an argument.

Ghandi did not get the British out of his land by terrorism.

27 July 2006

Like Spinning Plates

There is so much I want to respond to, including Pinky & Brain's well-written, well-intentioned article, and shlemazl's question on my blog about who won the 1973 war. But not now.

Alright, Raven has responded to my Where Is The Line? with his own Where Is The Rope? I will now respond to his response :).

Mech: Plus, Israel is known to care a lot about their soldiers/civilians and go to extremes for that.

Define extreme for me will ya? Would it be similar to bombing an embassy? Hmm... how about blowing up a country? Yeah that sounds about right, huh.
By 'extremes' I mean take an action that is greater than what most countries would take. Remember I said that, to me, going to war to rescue the soldiers is not justified. It is justified, however, if it going to spare the innocent lives that Hezbollah is going to kill.

Mech: I said they should stop pretending if they are not going to war for that reason. Which is probably true.

So basically you don't know why they're in it for. They're all just theories... same as mine I guess. Only I don't know why do I feel that mine stands a little bit taller than yours.
That's right Raven, I don't know for sure. They're all theories. Does anyone claim to know for certain?

Mech: If you are walking on the street and suddenly some gang starts attacking you, then this serial killer comes and saves your life. Does that mean that he is no longer a killer? The core of our disagrement is that I view Hezbollah as a terrorist group, as murderers, and of course you do not see it that way.

Naaah, I see them as men trying to prove a point, to be heard, to protect, to grow, to elevate into something meaningful, into the leader and into the missing spot on the UN table.
So are they killers and criminals or not?
You know, a lot of people are trying to prove a point and be heard, but that doesn't mean they can pick up AK47's and start killing others. The terrorists in Egypt are trying to prove a point as well, but I am sure you can do that without bombing hotels with tourists and locals.
That serial killer you're referring to has taken care of southern Lebanon for the past decade.
I said it before and I will say it again. If a serial killer comes and saves your life, it does not make him/her innocent all of a sudden. Hezbollah have killed and will kill again.
The people over there not only love them... they wouldn’t be alive without them (God willingly).
The Lebanese love Hezbollah? Probably not true for all the Lebanese... Any Lebanese people out there you can give us your opinion.
Harriri backed them (Hezbollah) up while he was alive, especially during his last days, before he was killed by people who didn't want Hizbullah to stay around any longer. The theory that the Syrians were the ones who ordered Harriri's assassination was only thrown in there to try and blur the other theory that the US wanted him out of the picture to cut a bit of Hizbullah's funding. Harriri didn't really bother Syria in his life and his death didn't benefit them in any way.
So the US killed Harriri????? I highly doubt it, but who knows. The US was busy with Iraq and Afghanistan so I don't think they wanted to get into other fronts in any shape or form. Any Lebanese-Syrian politics expers out there?
Ummm... not to mention that there's a theory in the Yugoslavian states, now countries unfortunately, that the US were the ones who encouraged Slovenia to break loose out of the Yugoslavian government after Tito's death. Did you know that Yugoslavia had no imports worth mentioning in their countries BOP? They were a self-structured and self-satisfied country. They were growing to be one of the most leading nations in the world... a threat to the balance of the world, from the US and pro-US point of view. Again, I must say... it's just a theory that goes around, a flame for a fire put out years ago.
I'm glad you know it's just a theory... at best.

Lebanon's been free to do anything since the year 2000. The government had six long years to create an officially instated army if it wanted to be rid of Hizbullah's military regime... my question is.. how come it didn't? The entire nation adhered to Hizbollah as their military councellor and provider of safety and security against harm. So if the government didn't want them there... why not attempt to work for a stronger army to push aside Hizbullah? I'm not talking about an army as strong as the US or Israel or whatever... I'm talking the basic definition of the word army here.
Cause Hezbollah is backed by Iran and because it is part of the Lebanese political system. Did you know that in 1982 Iran gave Hezbollah 1,500 Iranian Revolutionary Guards? They now have 14 seats in the Parliment out of 128. It becomes very sensitive then to get rid of Hezbollah's military side. However, I think the Lebanese could have done more without jeopardizing their system... my personal opinion only.

I gave Raven the link to this article, which of course he wasn't very happy with.

In case you didn't notice, this is a clear cut sign of how the American gov't wants to brainwash the American people into believing that bush and that bitch is right. That they shouldn't take Lebanese civilians into consideration as innocent, that they shouldn't feel sorry for them cos they might as well be terrorists. First they accuse a person, their imaginary fucking white bunny, then they accuse an entire nation. What the fuck is happening out there man?
Instead of labelling the article as 'brainwash' why don't you refute it logically?

Look, nobody is saying that Lebanese civilians deserve to die. Terrorists that kill, deserve to die. People who support terrorists deserve punishments of varying degrees, depending on the level of support they provided. Trust me, I feel very much for every civilian life lost. I think this part of the article explains it best:

The domestic law of crime, in virtually every nation, reflects this continuum of culpability. For example, in the infamous Fall River rape case (fictionalized in the film "The Accused"), there were several categories of morally and legally complicit individuals: those who actually raped the woman; those who held her down; those who blocked her escape route; those who cheered and encouraged the rapists; and those who could have called the police but did not. ~ALAN DERSHOWITZ
Ok, going back to Raven's quotes:

I just wish that if somebody bombs down my house that I won't be seen as a possible might-have-been terrorist in my funeral. I mean what do you think Mech? Define civilian for me if you may. Do you think my death would be a tragedy? Do you think yours will be? (اللهم احفظنا)
I don't think you're a possible might-have-been terrorist. It looks like you are using your brain and hopefully that will not lead you to beheading someone because they disagree with you, or because they were born in a different part of the world.
Yes, Raven, your death would be a tragedy. Unless you have committed a crime that deserves death as a penalty, it would be a tragedy. Mine, however, may not be such a tragedy. I've done enough bad things :).

Every being on earth, no matter what race they are, where they're from, what God they worship, knows what's right and what's wrong. It's common knowledge. Some people justify certain things for themselves but they'd still know they're not totally guilt-free. Clubbing, X, beer, and all that crap... we've gotten so blinded by the west with all its crap that we see the west as the path to being "accepted". We've managed to absorb the worst in their culture and leave behind what really matters. We should have learned to be smart.
I strongly disagree. I, for example, as a being on earth, am at times unsure about what is right and what is wrong. I am sure I am not alone in that.
Why are you calling clubbing, sex (if that's what you mean by 'X'), and beer crap? That's the good stuff... (and for the people that know me, don't read too much into this, it's just a joke).
Wow... I think I agree with something here... amazing... Yes, we have absorbed a lot of bad qualities from the west, and not so much of the good ones.

Mech: So you wanted us to spend 25 years building an army? Egypt is not that rich of a country... I mean look at the economy now, imagine that minus billions and billions that would have been spent on the military. Egypt cannot afford to spend anymore on the army, let's feed the people first. I hope we just all live in peace and stop spending on war. You know... move on.

Umm... NO... I was actually referring to using the 25 years to build a country and an army... and yeah... that didn't happen because some idiot took over the reign of the gypo crown and flushed the great country-great army blueprint down the toilet. Today's gypo army is a career where you can get free shit and power. It's always been like that in Egypt... only today... they get free stuff in return for nothing.
The Egyptian army is not so bad is it? We can hold our grounds. But isn't peace just a better option?

and while we're at it let me ask you the million dollar question here...

Where do you stand on the Israel-Palestine long lasting situation? :-D

Thank you for asking this. Here is the deal:

I am not going to take the Palestinians' side just because we might have the same hair, eye, and skin color or because we speak the same language! I am not going to take the Israeli side either. I disagree with some actions that both sides have taken. I can't say, ok I will be on the Palestinian side and will support whatever they do from now on. The same goes for the Israeli side. You can say I am for Peace and for fairness.

25 July 2006

Where Is The Line?

Hmm... wow... I was advised that this comment that I posted a while ago has caused a stir with some Egyptian bloggers. But first I would like to respond to Raven's comment to My 2 Agorot On Israel. The quotes are straight from Raven's comment.

1. One shouldn't be smart really in order to grasp the idea that something doesn't fit there, that they couldn't possibly go to war just for three soldiers. I mean, yeah, I could wear an israeli shoe for a sec here and think of how sorry I am for those soldiers, but I would definitely feel worse and my appetite for revenge will dig lower and lower into the ground until I can no longer see it once I realize that there are by far more lives at risk.
What did I say? I said going to war for the soldiers does not make sense for any side. The only difference between me and you here is that I am not so sure they did not start war at least partially to rescue the soldiers. The reason I'm not so sure is the cease-fire talk, which was my 2nd point. Plus, Israel is known to care a lot about their soldiers/civilians and go to extremes for that. I said they should stop pretending if they are not going to war for that reason. Which is probably true.

2. " If you don't finish the job now, it will come back stronger later on." - So basically, this is double standards. They're either in it for the soldiers or in it to be rid of Hizbullah once and for all. Your point here falls in between your opinion and your theory. I don't know if you know what Hizbullah is about. I don't know how old you were in the year 2000 when Hizbullah kicked Israel out of Lebanon for good... and I don't think knowing your age and your knowledge level about the subject counts as an arguement here, but I think that you should seriously consider going back to books or factual online sources to read about Hizbullah and how they were the only Arabic force to defeat Israel... and no.. Egypt '73 doesn't count.

Where is the double standard? All I'm saying is that the cease-fire talk is not a good move, since it implies the war is largely for the soldiers, which is not justified. Follow?

About Hezbollah kicking Israel out of Lebanon. This is the way I see it: If you are walking on the street and suddenly some gang starts attacking you, then this serial killer comes and saves your life. Does that mean that he is no longer a killer? The core of our disagrement is that I view Hezbollah as a terrorist group, as murderers, and of course you do not see it that way. Did you know that they bombed US Embassy in Lebanon 1983 killing 63, and Israeli Embassy in Argentina 1992 killing 29? To me these are not acts of war but terrorism. If you think these actions are justified by Islam though, that is another discussion.

And just for my curiosity, why doesn't '73 count?

3. "Israel is a civilized country and should exercise reason. Hezbollah, on the other hand, don't claim to be civilized and hence are not expected to show any reason." - That civilized country you are referring to started this mess by bombing Ghaza and the West Bank, killing innocent people, civilians... and please don't throw self defense in my face because I don't think that it'd be a valid excuse... on the other hand, the moment we acknowledge those acts as self defense the world will turn into one big circus where people can each carry a gun and start shooting. I'd suggest you start with a squirt gun. Hezbollah on the other hand, kidnapped a couple soldiers in an attempt to ask for cease fire on Ghaza and the WB and to negotiate the release of some Palistenian prisonars in Israel in exchange for those three soldiers. If you can't see that as civilized, then what is really? Blogging?!
I said Israel as a civilized country should exercise reason. Civilized does not mean fair, which is something I don't claim Israel to be. I agree with what you said about self-defence, it's not a blank cheque. The reason I despise Hezbollah is not kidnapping the soldiers, but their ideology. To me, kidnapping the soldiers might have be justified had it been committed by the Lebanese army for example. Like I said, to me Hezbollah are terrorist extremists and criminals. A criminal might help you fight an enemy, but he/she is still a criminal.

I am gonna give you a link to this short article. I suggest you be sitting down when you read it though :).

"2- Civilized meaning democratic, organized, advanced, educated people, good health care... etc etc . Please don't let me compare it to Egypt. They have done so in less than 60 years." quoting MechanicalCrowds. - So basically it's ok to trade an external value system if you have a perfectly fitting internal value system? If I provide good health care and democracy to my people would it be ok for me to shove a big middle finger into everyone else's faces?
No it's not ok. I never said it was ok. I was just explaining to the blogger what I meant by civilized.

And you're giving me Egypt?! Egypt did fail in providing infrastructure, technical and moral. It did fail in making us follow beliefs and accomplish dreams. It did fail in acknowledging true talent and providing a viable democratic system for us to abide by. It did fail, throughout the generations, in creating a leader for us to follow. They were all bullshitters, they all followed a fairy tale, a shadow of the invisible. Nasser brainwashed us into thinking we were better than the rest of them, all of them. Nasser created the Germany that Hitler once created, a country so lost in its own self recognition... but Egypt still stands its ground.
Man, you're harsher than me on Egypt! The brainwash is still there I believe... We are so sure we are better than everyone else.

Egyptians still know what's right and what's wrong. Sure most of them believe everything they're being told on the news, at work, school, at cafes where they smoke the inevitable shisha that's only managed to bring this country's youth to the ground along with our west-like clubbing experience where X seems the only god worth believing in, but Egyptians still have it in them.
We know what's right and what's wrong? That's a bold statement which I disagree with. Nobody knows what's right and what's wrong for sure. That is why poeple argue, to decide what is right and what is not. That is why you and I are arguing now. You probably didn't mean it in the literal sense, right?
People are free to choose if they want to smoke shisha's or not, to go clubbing or not, to worship 'X' or to worship god. If they choose to go a certain path, they will harvest what they planted. It is their freedom.

I must say that those who rebel against things only do it to feel charismatic, the all natural high, and most of them do it just in an attempt to follow a Tyler Durden example they once saw in a Hollywood picture, but there are still people who believe.. NONE OF THEM wants to give in.. and NONE OF THEM will give up when the time comes. War is not always the answer. Egypt failed utilizing Sadat's plan in using Camp David as a truce, a 25 year long term plan to re-create an army that could once say NO without having to worry if they're gonna find out that we have no knights in shiny armors to back us up.

There are still people who believe in what? None of them want to give in to what?

So you wanted us to spend 25 years building an army? Egypt is not that rich of a country... I mean look at the economy now, imagine that minus billions and billions that would have been spent on the military. Egypt cannot afford to spend anymore on the army, let's feed the people first. I hope we just all live in peace and stop spending on war. You know... move on.

"I think the enemies of Israel, Hezbollah, want War. They will always prefer War untill their last breath so long as they don't get the land. They would rather have War than accept the existance of Israel and live together in Peace." - and thissss is based on.. what exactly? On the fact that they stood their ground in defending their land until the year 2000? until today? What exactly is your source of information man? enlighten me? MAD magazine? tried that man.. didn't work. I ended up eating pizza and playing video games until the new millenium marked the dawn of a new era.
This is not based on anything specific, other than my personal understanding of how the extremist mind works. I can't prove it to you, it's just my opinion, and you have the right to disagree. But honestly, you don't agree with this statement: "They would rather have War than accept the existence of Israel and live together in Peace." ?

Funny though, I think this war has taught me so much about the world. It's taught me this.. Life among the Arabs ain't really worth it. You never know who's worth your trust.

If we ever go to war together, please don't watch my back man, cos I sure won't trust you enough...

... and I sure won't be watching yours.
Oh don't be so troubled, not too many Arabs agree with me. If you are out there, Arabs that agree with me, say something :).

If we go to war man, I'll be watching your back anyways... for Egypt's sake.

21 July 2006

The Art Of Lebanon Gets To Your Soul

I am sorry for all the Lebanese people that are suffering. I'm sorry for the Israelis too. Some of the pictures I've seen can make Satan cry. You probably know what I'm talking about if you've seen them pictures.

Anyway, this is a tribute to the Lebanese art. I saw a movie called Le Cerf Volant about a year ago about Druze people living divided between Israel and Lebanon. I pulled this song out of the movie and uploaded it especially for you! The composer is Ziad Rahbani, a Lebanese musical genius. The vocals are mesmerizing. Am I the only one getting the urge to cry?

18 July 2006

My 2 Agorot On Israel

I can't say I'm 100% with Israel. But I am definitely 100% against Hezbollah. I agree with what Israel is trying to do, and I hope they do it, I just don't think they are doing it in the best way. Here are a few points.

First, is the point about rescuing the soldiers. I sure hope they are not going to war just to rescue 3 soldiers. I do appreciate human life, and I understand that these soldiers have lives and families. But how many people have to pay the price in order to save those soldiers? Israel alone has already lost 24 people so far in this war. Are those 3 soldiers worth more or what? And if Israel is going to war for reasons other than rescuing the soldiers they should say so and stop pretending. Which brings me to my next point.

Second, is the cease fire talk. Israel recently told some Italian official that they are willing to cease fire provided that Hezbollah return the soldiers and get away from the south of Lebanon. To me this indicates that Israel is largely into this for the soldiers, which I disagree with. This cease-fire is only a temporary solution. You can't do a half-ass job here, excuse my language. You either do nothing and wait for a better time to eliminate Hezbollah, or do it now. Rid the world of this cancer. If you don't finish the job now, it will come back stronger later on.

Third, is the bombing in Lebanon. I want to see a list of what Israel bombed and some explanation of how the target are Hezbollah related. We can't blindly say that Israel is bombing Hezbollah targets. And we can't blindly say that they are bombing civilian/infrastructure. Unless you're a member of the IDF or Mossad or something please don't make that call and acknowledge that you don't know. However, I sure hope that they are putting some effort into minimizing civilian casualties. If I was in their shoes I would try to specifically explain why I bombed each and every site. Israel is a civilized country and should exercise reason. Hezbollah, on the other hand, don't claim to be civilized and hence are not expected to show any reason.

ps: 100 agorot = 1 sheqel

08 July 2006

We Are Animals

These are some terrorist attacks that I never knew about before, and that rarely receive any publicity.

16 April 1925
Bulgarian Communist Party blows up the roof of the St Nedelya Church in the capital Sofia after the government put pressure on the BCP's activity. 150 killed, 500 injured.

22 July 1946
A militant Zionist group called Irgun blow up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. The attack was against the British government of Palestine. 91 killed, 45 injured.

2, 14 July 1954
A failed operation scandal by the Mossad where targets in Egypt were bombed with the purpose of creating rhetoric for blocking British withdrawal from Egypt. The incident is known as the Lavon Affair. A post office, US Information Agency libraries, and a British theatre were bombed. No deaths or injuries

8 May 1970
Palestinian PLO members attack an Israeli school bus in Avivim, Israel. 9 children, 3 adults killed, 19 were left maimed.

30 May 1972
A Japanese terrorist group called Japanese Red Army attack the Lod Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel on behalf of the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine). 26 killed, 78 injured.

11 April 1974
PFLP attack an apartment building in Kiryat Shmona, Israel. 9 children, 9 adults killed.

15 May 1974
DFLP (Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine) seize an elementary school in Ma'alot, Israel. 26 killed, 60 injured.

21 November 1974
IRA bombs two pubs in Birmingham, England. 21 killed, 182 injured.

6 October 1976
Anti-Castro members of the Venezuelan secret police bomb Cubana Flight 455. CIA released documents in 2005 indicating they had prior knowledge. 73 killed.

11 March 1978
Fatah gunmen hijack a bus near Haifa, Israel. 37 killed.

16 March 1978
Italian leftist group called Red Brigades kidnap the Italian Prime Minister and kill him 2 months later.

2 August 1980
Italian rightist group called Ordine Nuovo bomb a railway station in Bologna, Italy. 85 killed, 200 wounded.

23 September 1983
Abu Nidal group bomb Gulf Air Flight 771 to convince Saudi Arabia to pay protection money. 117 killed.

23 October 1983
Unidentified group bombs a barracks housing US and French multinational forces in Beirut, Lebanon. 299 killed.

8 March 1985
Unidentified group detonates a car bomb near the home of a fundamentalist Sh'ia cleric in Beirut, Lebanon. Some accuse CIA of retaliation for the Marine Barracks bombing. 80 killed, 175 injured.

22 June 1985
Unidentified group bombs Air India Flight 182 flying from Canada. Sikh separatist groups suspected. 329 killed.

23 November 1985
Abu Nidal group hijacks EgyptAir Flight 648 and flies it to Malta. 60 killed.

31 December 1986
Three hotel workers set fire to the Dupont Plaza Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico to protest their wages. 97 killed.

19 September 1989
Libya bombs the French UTA Flight 772 to revenge French support to Chad against Libyan expansion. In 2003, Libya admitted responsibility and agreed to pay compensation to the families of the victims. 170 killed.

12 March 1993
Unidentified group detonate a series of 13 bombs in Mumbai, India. Islamic terrorist group in Pakistan suspected. 257 killed, 1400 injured.

25 February 1994
Israeli Kahanist, Baruch Goldstein, opens fire on Palestinian civilians in Cave of the Patriarchs, in Hebron. 29 killed, 125 injured.

18 July 1994
Hezbollah bombs a Jewish Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 86 killed, 300 injured.

14 June 1995
Chechen separatists seize a hospital in Budyonnovsk, Russia. 130 killed.

31 January 1996
Tamil separatists bomb the Central Bank in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 90 killed, 1400 injured.

Stop the killing will ya?

04 July 2006

Throw The Jew Down The Well

This is Borat from Kazakhstan. It's a hilarious character played by a guy called Sacha Baron Cohen, who is Jewish. The song is called "Throw the Jew Down the Well". Being the most powerful nation in the world doesn't mean the people aren't retarded!!