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21 May 2007

It Could Begin And End In One Evening

I've been listening to Feist for at least a couple of years now. But every once in a while, you go back to artists that you know already and go "wow, s/he's good". I don't post a lot of videos these days but this one I uploaded especially so I can put it on here. The contrast between her soft playful voice and the dirty, distorted electric guitar is compelling. You have to watch it!

16 May 2007

Stand Here And Listen

Oooh! It's been a while since I posted... my bad, I will get back on it. There has been a few posts in my head that I wanted to spit out for a while now. One about my break up with Ouba, one about the guy getting beat up & insulted on the street by the police for no apparent reason, and one about an interesting birthday party. The catch is, however, if you don't write your posts when it's fresh, it looses it's appeal. I will write about the break up though. Until then, I'll post about one of my new found favourite band!

They're a seemingly obscure band from Sweden called Convoj that I've discovered a few months ago and rediscovered again these days. I am not sure how to classify their music but to me they seem like a mix between the Strokes and Radiohead. That may not be a very good description as they certainly do have their uniqueness. The music is somewhat loud yet very melodic. Their electric guitar sound is distinct but it's the vocals that really give them a trademark sound. Neither are they signed to record label nor have a wikipedia article, which are two very important things today! You can check their website and listen to a few tracks. Here is a song called Cultural Legacy that I got off their website a while back.