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03 February 2011

Lions In The Streets Of Egypt

Here's a word by word msg from someone in Egypt:

i'm reading everybody's stories, some of my friends died/are missing, i'm worried

they tried to release lions on us in my city (we're by tagamu3) -- the army here is sympathetic to us and has been helping us, as well as the local police (they took off their uniforms and joined the neighborhood watch)-- we really lucked out

BUT the thugs are still around, police from the outside, they tried to scare us with this police vehicle that had speakers and they were announcing that thugs were running rampant here and asking for everyone to gather at the banzeena (presumably so they could round us up)

they looted a lot of homes.  our gas station is out of gas, and the stores are out of food. we're physically stuck here now.

oh yeah the lions

so after we organized everything, the army arrested some thugs who had weapons and two LIONS in their car, they were trying to fake a zoo break out, ridiculous on many levels-- but there you go, there's our government for you.  there's still a lot of gunfire.

i've been wondering what the daily show and snl were saying about all of this, so we're enjoying a good chuckle now, nice to have a breather

still...all my friends who are trying to get medical aid to tahrir are saying the thugs are trying to keep them out--but i think we'll be okay, we outnumber them, we've lost people and what he did today doesn't exactly promote the 'stability' he was promising.

even the people who were initially listening to his bogus speech understand how evil/psycho he is and how one more day is one day too much

it's strange, i understand why i couldn't relate to a lot of people in my socio-economic strata now-- they're NDP bitches :)  lovely to see who my real friends are, my parents were right, crises bring out peoples true colors

so proud of my family for being brave and supporting the protests, i feel sorry for the people who have families that are connected to the regime -- well i would if i didn't find what they're saying sickening 

im so proud of what i saw in people-- munaqqabas standing beside people drinking beer, socialists secularists muslims and christians all hanging out and happy and respectful

i hope THAT egypt makes it through, and i hope everybody else gets their day in court

okay sorry this was really rambly and inarticulate, i haven't been calm for a week so i've kind of lost the ability to organize my thoughts

get the truth out there!