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04 July 2006

Throw The Jew Down The Well

This is Borat from Kazakhstan. It's a hilarious character played by a guy called Sacha Baron Cohen, who is Jewish. The song is called "Throw the Jew Down the Well". Being the most powerful nation in the world doesn't mean the people aren't retarded!!


Blogger shlemazl said...

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4:56 AM

Blogger shlemazl said...

Not bad... Yet not as good as the original stuff coming from some of your fellow Arabs and other antisemites.

Some of the pearles I've been told recently cannot be immitated. The fact remains: I run the world and I better get back to work.

4:56 AM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

The thing is, antisemitism is expected from the Arabs... but this is not!

7:08 AM

Blogger shlemazl said...

Now I understand your post.

There is a confusion. Sacha Cohen is simply taking the Michey out of antisemites. It's a parody.

Not to say that there are no retarded and/or antisemitic Jews... Chomski, the greatest friend of Hesballah is but one example.

2:38 AM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

Sacha is not an antisemitic Jew like Chomsky (Noam Chomsky is antisemitic right?). He just uses the character Borat to bring out the antisemitism in people.

2:51 AM

Blogger shlemazl said...

Sacha is simply making fun of antisemites. He is not "bringing out the antisemitism".

You see, normal people, like you, appreciate that "throw a Jew down the well" is ridiculous. This is Sacha's audience. We just laugh.

I guess your perspective is affected by the fact that you may have met a lot of people who are so idiotic that they would actually try to act on the song (?)

As far as Chomsky is concerned, he is a scoundrel whether he is an antisemite or not. He was a supporter of an antisemite and holocaust denier Robert Faurisson. He also supports Hesbollah.

3:42 AM

Blogger Red Tulips said...

Mechanical crowds:

Rest assured that Sacha Baron Cohen only did that to film the reactions of the local rednecks in the bar. He is NOT an antisemite.

(and that said, the song is rather hilarious!)

1:00 PM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

Miss R,

That is exactly what he was doing. But a lot of people seem to missunderstand his intentions, shlemazl, for example.

10:16 PM


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