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26 December 2006

Cause I'm Lately

Ah! Once again. It's been so long. What's gonna be my excuse? I can't tell you it's because I have a life, cause that would mean that I don't have a life now! Well, I haven't been having much life lately as I have been sick in bed.

Should I tell you about my new semi-temp job? No, who cares about work. Maybe I should tell you about how awkward it was working in a machine shop with guitar finger nails! Believe me it's frustrating. Not only does it make it hard to firmly grasp objects making you look like a sissy, but all the dirt and grease just gathers under your nails and becomes impossible to remove unless you cut your fingernails. At least I have longer nails in one hand only. No let's not tell you about that either!

Maybe I should tell you about my ventures into religious talks with machine shop workers and taxi drivers. When I voice my opinions around friends they entice mockery and dismay once they're cornered. Now imagine how the less educated and exposed might react. Though I never fully expressed my opinions with them, I try hinting it by answering questions with questions. Unfortunately, saying your opinion blatantly is not always wise in this world. Or maybe I should tell you about the tasty tasty canned meat & eggs meal that was prepared by those machine shop workers. I can still remember those greasy fingers dipping the bread in the food piece by piece. Why dip the bread piece by piece when you can make a sandwich? I never understood. I made a sandwich anyway, I turned a blind eye to the non-hygienic meal because it tasted so good. No let's not tell you about that either!

I mainly wanna tell you about my sickness and such but I'm to tired to write about it now. One tip before I go... If you really like a song, don't look up it's lyrics. Let there be some mystery. Let your imagination run wild on exactly what this song could be about. Like when you see a beautiful woman in a red dress (if you're a guy (or a lesbian)), if you go talk to her you're taking the chance of finding out that she's dumb and shallow. But if you just stick to the gaze, she might linger in your memory a little longer as something special perhaps. It sort of bursts the bubble sometimes. There's this song that I just adore by Damien Rice called Elephant. It builds up slowly with warm vocals and a soft guitar, then it gets intense and soulful... a masterpiece I tell you. I just looked up the lyrics and in one line he says “cause I'm lately, horny.”!!

I'll continue next post...

09 December 2006

But Yet So Irresistible

Should I blog about Flamenco music or the Muslim Brotherhood? I don't feel like either now. There is no shortage of blogging material in Egypt. I can probably write a few posts about my experiences with Taxi drivers. I can blog about the various inefficiencies in the system. I can blog about how in Egypt you don't say what's on your mind, and how you gotta find a nice way to getting around saying what you want and only hinting it. I can blog about how in Egypt people are all talk and no action. When someone says "I will do X tomorrow," it doesn't mean a thing. I can blog about my adorable little cousin. I can blog about how unique the Egyptian slang is. I can blog about how exciting a drive in Cairo can be :).

Instead, I will tell you again about my male friends. They have changed so much, though I haven't been away for long. The thing is, they haven't matured! They seem younger, more childish. There is an alarming increase of homosexual jokes. It's a little hard to explain the nature of the jokes if you're not immersed in Egyptian culture. They're not homophobic jokes. It's the sort of thing where two guys pretend they're a couple and make jokes about what they're gonna do or what they like about each other! I'm not sure how to label that. To an outsider this will sound like a gay group of friends. I assure you though, they're not gay, they're not even curious. I'm not sure how to explain this behaviour.

The jokes have become very cheap. Nothing is off limits. Family, seniors, children... whatever comes to your mind. This puts the homosexual jokes into perspective I think. Religions seems to be the only subject that's relatively safe. It's hard to understand this if you don't know that the usual Egyptian gathering of friends is largely composed of making jokes and laughing, of remembering old funny anecdotes. This is central to the Egyptian culture. I don't think the jokes are that cheap with everybody though, I think it's just them.

The disregard for women is at an all time high. The idea that women are less than men is a given. Is it because they've all suffered from a tough break-up? Is it the culture? Women are creatures that are to be approached with care. You have to talk to them in their own language. Egyptian men are schizophrenic. One personality when women are around, when when they aren't. Perhaps all men are like that, but it's a lot more noticeable now... or here.

A non-veiled woman walks on the street and they all turn their heads. They check out every part of her body like they haven't seen a woman before. There is no difference between them and the 'bawabeen' (building doormen) when they look at women. Mind you some of them have girlfriends. I especially hate it when it's a rude look, when the woman knows you are looking at her, when you fix your eyes on her as she goes by. It takes away from their freedom I think. It's a double standard. They see a woman and go "oh look at her xxx...," but when they're with their girlfriends, they can't stand anyone looking at her. I don't get it. Is it sexual suppression? Have we become unable to look at women without sex in the equation?

I feel the pressure to become like them. In fact feel the influence already, I'm giving in a little. Jeez that makes me sound like a Saint or something!!! By the way, I do like my friends :), just remind me to find more positive things to blog about.

01 December 2006

I've Seen It All

I just got home a while ago... I was feeling very positive when I got here actually. Things were going ok after a night in a club called Bliss. And just then, at 2 in the morning, my friend tells me that it was a prank. I got set up in a very emotionally taxing prank that crossed many lines by my standards. Not only did it cause an emotional see-saw, but it had real life implications and screwed up a few of my plans. I feel like swearing and cussing. I feel like not talking to my friends ever again. One time you feel like life is great and only a split second later you curse your life.

Maybe I ought to not share so much of my personal life with friends. Maybe I ought to lie a little more. It's too bad I cannot share the whole story here. It's so sick, cruel and unnecessary. My heart is filled with hate and my brain is playing a continuous loop of the f-word.