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01 December 2006

I've Seen It All

I just got home a while ago... I was feeling very positive when I got here actually. Things were going ok after a night in a club called Bliss. And just then, at 2 in the morning, my friend tells me that it was a prank. I got set up in a very emotionally taxing prank that crossed many lines by my standards. Not only did it cause an emotional see-saw, but it had real life implications and screwed up a few of my plans. I feel like swearing and cussing. I feel like not talking to my friends ever again. One time you feel like life is great and only a split second later you curse your life.

Maybe I ought to not share so much of my personal life with friends. Maybe I ought to lie a little more. It's too bad I cannot share the whole story here. It's so sick, cruel and unnecessary. My heart is filled with hate and my brain is playing a continuous loop of the f-word.


Blogger Zee Puppette said...

Friends suck.

10:52 AM

Anonymous izzi said...

What happened... we can't give out advice based on what u said... ur too vague... but they don’t sound like friends to me, I mean, you shouldn’t be feeling this resentful of your friends... maybe they r just shallow.

12:43 PM

Blogger Chris in MB said...

Did this "prank" perhaps have anything to do with women in any way?

8:56 PM

Blogger Reham said...

of course i can't give u my exact opinion bec just as izzi said u r vague... bs i can tell u 1 imp thing... c'est la vie... never regert u shared ur life with some ppl u thought might be friends.. just try to choose ur friends and one more thing.. never ever mistrust all ur friends..

dear... u r .. how can i express--- in the dawn of ur life, u should be strong and wise to know how to deal... happy life ;o)

9:59 PM

Anonymous Asser said...

They invented swearing for a reason, for exactly that reason.

11:52 PM

Anonymous Pinky said...

That was just a hang out brother! What prank?! To hell wiht your _friend_ anyway! :D Chill out and have fun, you owe it to yourself.

Big pinky hug! :)

12:34 PM

Blogger D.B. Shobrawy said...

dont stress, i know the feeling

10:50 PM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

Thanks guys, the post was intentionally vague though, you know how I am. It's in the past now and I'm a lot better.

Pinky, don't worry about it. Thanks for the cyber-support :D.

2:07 AM

Blogger Grafxgurl said...

hey if the prank got you to feel great then you didnt lose out . your friends had ulterior motives....they are the losers. not you.
glad to see youre feeling better.:)

1:07 PM

Anonymous izzi said...

eh da ya mechanical crowds, anti climax 3al extreme...

6:29 PM

Blogger Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Gawd, reading your blog, I thought you were a woman, until I saw your profile.

You are a metrosexual trapped in a macho country it sounds like. Either "butch up" or break on through to the other side completely.

1:08 AM

Blogger Modern Pharaoh said...

A little funny thing that happened to me in Egypt. Since you say "In Egypt you don't say whats on your mind"

When i was Visiting Masr for the first time in 13 years...i was riding the Train from Alex to Cairo...and when you get close to the Station in see the dirtiest most disgusting my big mouth said loudly in the train "AHNA DAKHLEEN ZEREBA WALA DAKHLEEN MASR?" (Are we entering into a dump or entering Egypt) Needless to say some guy started yelling at me and telling me EGYPT DOESNT WANT ME, so i told him "I guess it wants the people that disrespect it and make it dirty" ...This almost turned into a fight but then we arrived and it was over!

7:36 PM


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