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26 December 2006

Cause I'm Lately

Ah! Once again. It's been so long. What's gonna be my excuse? I can't tell you it's because I have a life, cause that would mean that I don't have a life now! Well, I haven't been having much life lately as I have been sick in bed.

Should I tell you about my new semi-temp job? No, who cares about work. Maybe I should tell you about how awkward it was working in a machine shop with guitar finger nails! Believe me it's frustrating. Not only does it make it hard to firmly grasp objects making you look like a sissy, but all the dirt and grease just gathers under your nails and becomes impossible to remove unless you cut your fingernails. At least I have longer nails in one hand only. No let's not tell you about that either!

Maybe I should tell you about my ventures into religious talks with machine shop workers and taxi drivers. When I voice my opinions around friends they entice mockery and dismay once they're cornered. Now imagine how the less educated and exposed might react. Though I never fully expressed my opinions with them, I try hinting it by answering questions with questions. Unfortunately, saying your opinion blatantly is not always wise in this world. Or maybe I should tell you about the tasty tasty canned meat & eggs meal that was prepared by those machine shop workers. I can still remember those greasy fingers dipping the bread in the food piece by piece. Why dip the bread piece by piece when you can make a sandwich? I never understood. I made a sandwich anyway, I turned a blind eye to the non-hygienic meal because it tasted so good. No let's not tell you about that either!

I mainly wanna tell you about my sickness and such but I'm to tired to write about it now. One tip before I go... If you really like a song, don't look up it's lyrics. Let there be some mystery. Let your imagination run wild on exactly what this song could be about. Like when you see a beautiful woman in a red dress (if you're a guy (or a lesbian)), if you go talk to her you're taking the chance of finding out that she's dumb and shallow. But if you just stick to the gaze, she might linger in your memory a little longer as something special perhaps. It sort of bursts the bubble sometimes. There's this song that I just adore by Damien Rice called Elephant. It builds up slowly with warm vocals and a soft guitar, then it gets intense and soulful... a masterpiece I tell you. I just looked up the lyrics and in one line he says “cause I'm lately, horny.”!!

I'll continue next post...


Anonymous embee said...

Hey! First Sigur Ros and next Damien Rice. I have to applaud your taste in music. The whole album "9" just rocks. I'm in awe of DR's music.

Your comment on the meal shared with the mechanic totally struck a cord with me. For some years, I worked somewhere around the area of Ard El Lewa (rural Giza) - actually a 10 km drive beyond Ard El Lewa. And it seemed to me then that one's hygiene standards are directly proportional to the distance from Central Cairo. Looking back now, it's a blessing I never got food poisoning, or something worse.

I haven't been checking your blog for long, but I was seriously looking forward to a new post. Keep up the good work, and keep it real :)

4:43 PM

Anonymous embee said...

Er on second thought, it's inversely proportional. And I was wondering why I failed math! Sorry for the mix-up!

10:03 PM

Blogger shlemazl said...


I won't tell you how I admire you caring for your lesbian readers.

I won't tell you that it's not the dress that matters.

I won't ask you whether your sickness was somehow linked to the "dirty" tasty sandwich.

I won't ask you whether you have been reading Hemingway lately.

I will say "sorry". You are so sweet, but I just couldn't help teasing you.

5:47 AM

Blogger Will E. said...

Yes.. good advice .. prolong the lie and build castles made of sand.. but Hendrix is right about those anyway.

11:54 PM


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