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04 September 2007

How Days Creep By

I would have liked to leave the last post on for a little longer, but maybe I'll just have to post more similar posts. Anyways, here is another one of my favourite artists from Iceland. Her name is Emiliana Torrini. She will strike you as very Bjork if that is at all possible. She's more acoustically inclined I guess, but her music is still unclassifiable.

The name of this track is actually Tuna Fish! The song has a very refreshing simplicity to it. I love the look on her face as she tries to find the mood of the song before she starts... brilliant. The cuteness of her voice is undeniable, reminds me of a particular someone.


Blogger embee said...

I'm definitely ripping the audio ! Uber awesome recommendation. Yet again :)

2:01 AM


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