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01 July 2007

I Cheated Myself Like I Knew I Would

Stupid, stupid, stupid MC!! Errrrr! How many times do you have to learn the same lesson? Stupid MC, how many times have you promised yourself not to drink again? Idiot!!

It was Ned's engagement. But let me introduce Ned really quickly to you. He's a close friend that I've known for a long time, since junior high or prep school. He's my gym partner and he's the one I have guitar jamming sessions with usually. He's been dating an American/German living in Cairo for a while now. She seems like a nice girl but I can never seem to get on her' good side for some reason. It might be because I tend to speak to her in English when she speaks Arabic just as well.

The engagement was in Hannah's (the fiance) villa in El Rehab. Everything in the party was very well done I have to say. The set up, the music, the service, everything was perfect. Half the people were Americans or foreigners living in Cairo. It mostly took place in the villa's back yard, though the term 'back yard' does not give the proper picture. It's a garden with high fences covered with plants. An enclosed garden with tables, chairs, couches, and an open bar.

An ex-best friend named Alfy had flown in from Lebanon for this occasion. Alfy was a best friend of mine till more than 6 years ago when we lost touch for some reason. I hate to judge the guy but I have to. Alfy's goal in life is to get laid as much as possible. Girls are a very high priority i his life. It's obvious he went to Lebanon for that reason. Lebanese women are famed for their good looks and western attitudes. I made Alfy finally confess to his true reasons for going yesterday at the party. I hadn't seen him or talked to him for at least 5 years and boy did he change. Did he get a nose job? Maybe, I'm not sure. Anyways, he looked like a player ready to go and start flirting. I am sure he's good at what he does, he looked very confident.

I had already pre-made the decision to get drunk before getting in this party. I'm so stupid. I know what will happen but I do it again. So I socialized for a bit, usually sticking to people that I half-know. I started with cranberry vodka. Wow, even just the name makes me wanna throw up now. I drank, socialized, drank, socialized.

By the time it was time to dance I was already drunk. Now when you get drunk your dancing skills improves 10 folds, or so it will seem to you!. Anyways it's not very clear in my head how, but somehow I ended up dancing with a petite dark-haired Egyptian beauty who turned out to be my recruiter. I've talked many times to her before about jobs and stuff but never met her. That's weird eh? dancing with your recruiter. I feel super bad dancing with her though... I am not exactly a single guy anymore am I??

The next thing I remember after the dancing is me throwing up for ages besides a tree outside the villa. That sucked big time! It's one of the worst feelings ever. You can't concentrate, your body feels like crap, you're constantly throwing up. I embarrassed myself in front of Ned and Alfy, not sure who else saw me I'm sure many more were there to witness. A lot of people were talking to me and comforting me and stuff. It was on par with my Rome incident. What was worse though were the torturous hours after the chauffeur and his helper dropped me off at home. It was awful... endless trips between the bed and bathroom trying to vomit when I got nothing in my stomach. I am pretty sure I messed up my digestive system. I even threw up the water that I drank when I was trying to sober up. And I've been on a food strike for 24 hours afraid that if I eat something I'll throw it up again. I'm telling you, one of the worst feelings ever.

So MC... don't drink again! You know what happens when you drink. Remember your epic hang overs, when you're about to have that drink.


Blogger shlemazl said...

Hmmm... And yet you did it. Must be appealing in some way, albeit I don't get it.

6:22 AM

Anonymous Ahmed NYC said...

Dude the fact that you said your dancing skills improve ten fold is self evident that you are hiding behind a veil (ok maybe Niquab)of alcohol to fit in. And the fact that you mentioned Alfy as an ex best friend tells me you are of a certain age. One that still believes in "Bestest", "bester", and "best" friends. Which later in life translates to the five people you tolerate and maybe family. Here's a tip from a sober Egyptian (by choice not by dogma.) Try to recreate the euphoria you get from alcohol without getting plastered instead of 10 cran vodkas, a long island ice tea, and 5 shots of tequila, have 2 cran vodkas and get on the floor, you will get a nice buzz, and once on the floor and the dj/band are dropping some badass grooves your endorphins will kick in, And maybe you just might surprise yourself with your dance skills.

Not preaching not judging just trying to help.

2:22 PM

Anonymous faisal said...

I agree with Ahmed in the limited amount of alcohol.

Know your limit and have less.

As for the friends thing... seriously? You can call a melon a dinosaur as long as you know what it means.

They're just words.

6:16 PM

Blogger La Gitana said...

You know what's hilarious? I was looking through some acquaintance's facebook pictures and I saw some of an engagement party in re7ab and I remembered your post and I realized it was the same engagement. I wonder which strapping young man you were in his pictures?

4:02 AM


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