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11 August 2007

To Another Place & Time

This is for you... you know who you are. I wanna tell ya I'm sorry. Yes, I really am. I'm sorry for every moment I did not spend with you. How could I be so foolish? Did I not realize how precious the time we had was? I'm sorry for looking away at some meaningless scenery when the real deal was right beside me. Why the hell was I looking for beauty not right next to me?

I'm sorry for all my stray thoughts about food, drink, and all the trivial nothings when I was with you. I am sorry for my hours of sleep those nights. Pointless hours of hibernation spent without you, yet filled with dreams of you. Why dream when I had you? I'm sorry for letting go of every single embrace. How could I be so cruel on myself?

I'm sorry for... hmm blinking as I looked at ya!!


Blogger embee said...

This sort of reminded me with a note by Nicci French.
To see you was to adore you. Forever would have been too short...
Always catches me off guard..

7:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. I love this, among other things.

9:39 PM

Anonymous Sara said...

Loved this one... very touching...

5:39 PM


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