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20 August 2007

Behind The Skin And Muscles

I've been slowly realizing lately how hard it has become to post personal posts. Even with my level of vagueness I cannot really open up for a million reasons. Anyways... ever had a sad, funny day? You know what I'm talking about? Today was one of those. One of those days that, years from now, will put a smirk on your face as you lean back in your chair, arms behind your head, and recall the moments.

Let me tell you about how my day ended. I was out with a group of not-so-close friends, with the exception of Volks, at a below average Egyptian cafe (balady). I was very hungry (still am, by the way) so I ordered 2 greasy little chicken sandwiches. These balady style cafes usually don't serve food but this one does. Me and Volks were harassing each other when my food came, and this is how it went:

Me: Alright let's stop. My food is here.
Volks: I don't care. (smiling)
Me: Don't bother me while I'm eating, I could be dangerous with this food.
Volks: Are you threatening me? I don't get threatened!! (still smiling)
Me: hmm.... ya ok I'm threatening you.
Volks: Ya? Here.

He then nudges the plate on my lap lightly so one of the sandwiches slides off the plate and onto my jeans, staining them. He laughs. I laugh too and act as if I'm gonna accept it, just so that he lets his guard down. As soon as he does, I grab the sandwich and smear it on his jeans, face down! He tries to move my hand away quickly and grabs the remainder of that sandwich trying to return the favour. We both frantically get up as he stuffs a sandwich down my t-shirt as I simultaneously smudge the other sandwich on his face!! It was a food fight... aaah.

I walked home smelling like cheap mayo, chicken bits in my hair, and bread crumbs down my shirt... but worst of all, I was still hungry... couldn't dare order food after that.


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