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04 July 2007

Taha And Za Byramidz

Alright, this will be more understandable and a lot funnier to Egyptians. Very funny indeed!!

A foreign Newspaper wants to publish a report about the life in Egypt, So they send a female reporter to interview the common citizen in Egypt. When she arrives at Cairo, she picks a random guy, and starts her interview:

Egyptian:We 3alkom el salam ya 2otta
Reporter:Do u speak english?
Reporter:Do u mind if i interview u?
Egyptian:No, i dont have a mind
Reporter:What' s your name?
Taha: I love it
Reporter:oh no, i meant male or female?
Taha (yelling): what do u sink?
Reporter:Its just for the sake of the report..never mind...male. ...
Taha:yas male..and i can brove it any time u want
Reporter:No, thanks,I' ll take u for ur do u find life here in egypt?
Taha:Egybt.. very nice cantry..nice wezar..nice food..byramidz
Reporter:oh...well..beside the weather and the pyramids..what else do u like in ur country?
Taha: Byramids,nice wezar,nice food
Reporter:Ok. .lets move on..what do u do?
Taha: I am very well ,sank u
Reporter:No, I mean do u have a job?

Taha(looking around him and whispering): Jobat? i dont have any (jobat)..lessa mastaba7nash. .do u have a (job) with u?..we can esmoke it in my car..dont warry about bolice
Reprter:Oh my god, DO YOU WORK?
Taha:Yas yas..Taxi drivar
Reporter:What do u think about the traffic problem in egypt?
Taha:Very big broblem..very much cars..u see?..but za guvurment is
trying to make it bettar..zey did the circle street and za me7war street..and zey make all streets one way so if u go..u cant comeback..niahahaha3

Reporter:What about the economic problems in Egypt?
Taha:I do not undurstand what u say
Reporter:I do u deal with money problems in egypt?
Taha: No NO NO..egybt very rich cantry...we have alot of cotton..alot of water..and we have byramidz
Reporter: So do u make a lot of money?
Taha:No no.. it is not legal to make frend i know make money at home..and he go to brizon..if u make money at home..u can only give it to za banzeena man..they take any money
Reporter: let me rephrase..since Egypt is a rich country.. do u have a lot of money?
Taha:me?! ..Not alot..but I eat and drink Al7amdulelah?
Reporter:Then where does all the money go?
Taha: Guvurment
Reporter:And what does the government do with the money?

Taha:Zey Build circle street,me7war street and make all streets one way
Reporter:well , Ok...Do u vote?
Taha:What duz zat mean?
Reporter:Do u choose your president
Taha(nervously) : i didnt give my voice..but if i was..i will give him my voice
Reporter:Why him?
Taha:Because he was an airoplane in za war..he waz za leadar airoplane
Reporter:But there r no wars right now
Taha: But if we have war..u see?...we know we will have a very good airoplane in it

Reporter: what about the last 26 years?
Taha:I got marry..and have 3ala2 and Amira..and drive taxi
Reporter:No, i meant what did Mubarak do for Egypt in the last 26 years
Taha: He build circle street,me7war street and make all streets one way
Reporter:Thank you very much for ur time Mr. Taha
Taha:No broblem,only 10 bounds
Reporter:I never said i will pay u for this
Taha: Ok..just give me the (job) then..we smoke ,and make head
Taha:ok ok..need a Taxi?


Anonymous NileGirl said...

Holy cow, that was freaking hilarious! And so true too. How many people would say all that almost word for word? To many, I think.

7:56 AM

Blogger HalalHippie said...

Hilarious, indeed :-)

11:46 PM

Blogger Ravine85 said...

LOL, loved it.

2:12 PM

Blogger koko said...

Haha! That was great! This is what I would expect from an Egyptian man giving an interview :)

8:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Borat to Borei ....Maybe this could be your oscar winning role basing a character on this dude ???? But it mosdef be pastiche with Borat and all.

1:56 PM

Blogger spellz said...

:D:D:D:D:d that was hillarious!
and real:(

8:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:17 PM


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