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29 July 2007

I'm Sending Out This Tune

A lot of my favourite artists are releasing new albums this year which is really exciting. It can be a little scary though. I ask myself what if I don't like their new albums? I've liked most of their stuff in the past but will I like their new stuff?

Bjork released her new album Volta recently. After many listens, which is necessary for an artist like Bjork I thought 4 tracks were brilliant and 4 I really hated. The other 2 I thought were ok. But, as you know with Bjork, tracks that you might hate now might be your favourites later on (Pluto for example).

Keiko Matsui's new album Moyo is excellent. Her music strikes me as a mix between Sade and Omar Khayrat!! Smooth piano jazz, sometimes poppy accessible and sometimes a little sophisticated yet rewarding on the 3nd and 4th listens. I prefer the latter of course. If you're gonna find her album I suggest you go for A Great Romance, Caricias, and Um Novo Dia.

Radiohead is releasing a new album this year, hopefully. Another band that I really like is Oi Va Voi who basically play experimental fusion of Jewish music. You'd really have to listen to know what I'm talking about. Here is a live performance of their self-titled new album. The song is called Black Sheep. Enjoy!!

Oh, btw, if you were expecting a different post, just hang on, it's gonna come eventually!


Anonymous NileGirl said...

I'm becoming a fan of Oi Va Voi. I've only hear two of their songs (this one included) and I like them both a lot. I like their style of music. But I like their other song better.

3:41 AM

Anonymous H said...

i had high expectations for bjork album and it all went down the drain when i heard the album.

11:02 AM


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