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15 October 2007

Thank Luck And Randomness

I haven't been posting cause my laptop broke down (well, partially), but I'll be posting more frequently soon. So anyways, a few days ago we were having a small games night at a friend's place when at about 2:30am we learn that there's a fire a few floors above. We hurry down, after disconnecting the power, gas, etc. We look up and find that it's not a small fire at all. Me and a buddy go up again in a heroic whim only to find the narrow stairs jam packed mostly with 40+ women with similar heroic whims. Why?? That striked me as very unsafe as anybody wanting to escape the fire would be in serious trouble. I saw that and hurried down thinking "ah MC get back to your senses, this is Egypt." I'm telling you, in no more than 30mins there was what seemed to be a 1000 people spectating, and that was at 3am. I'm pretty sure nobody got hurt so that's good.

That's nothing compared to last night though. Ah, here comes one of my vague incident reference again but there's nothing I can do about it. So ya, definitely last night makes my top 5 most unusual, exciting, entertaining, and socially awkward all nighters ever. It started when I was talking with a British expat that I've just haphazardly been introduced to. About 30 seconds into our semi-drunk atheism/theism debate (always makes a good bar conversation :) she fired a typical British-sounding "Fuck off!" That's probably one of the shortest times it's taken a girl to tell me that... or it's taken me to corner a theist is another way of looking at it. Ah, but that's how the night got started. Don't even bother asking me about the rest of the night, I promised to be tight-lipped.


Blogger Miss S said...


The atheism/theism debate is always great bar conversation, I agree.

Miss S

3:40 AM

Anonymous Snefru said...

Rock on!

2:02 PM


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