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03 November 2006

The Women Of Egypt

Here is a collection of posts by Egyptian women detailing some of their experiences with sexual harassment. Please comment if you've found additional ones, or if you've translated any of the Arabic ones.

Atr Al-Nada
Eny Ra7ela
Lasto Adri
Wa7da Masreya

Samar (translated)

Think of your mother & sisters. Think of your female friends. Think of yourself, and you'll know that nobody should go throught his. Let's stop it!


Anonymous Blacklander said...

Well said.
I think suggestions along the lines of addressing deep-seated social problems is -at best- dreamy. Let's simply stop tolerating that kind of attitude, let's not look away when we see it happen, let's react, and as harshly as these acts are.

3:32 PM

Blogger Dee-Vine said...

Personally, I can't say I've experienced anything beyond verbal sexual harrassment, and the only reason for me not going through such a traumatic incident, is having overprotective parents who never allowed me to take a cab or walk the streets alone; I've been equipped with a driver for as long as i can remember. I used to complain all the time and only lately have I been thankful.

Over the years, I have heard HUNDREDS of horrific stories from my friends,some of whom have been scarred for life, some of whom have never been able to trust a man, and some who have just learnt to live with it as part of their daily lives.

Just the other day, a friend of mine was walking down the street when some guy in a car slowed down and started severely verbally harrassing her. She went with her instinct and told him off. Two seconds later,she found herself being beaten in the middle of the street and marfoo3 3aleiha matwa. All because she had the audacity to say something back.

To my surprise, and hers, when she told others what had happened, everyone including her parents and her boyfriend started blaming her. "How could you walk in the street dressed like that ?",(that being jeans and a sweater that showed only the slightest bit of cleavage) "Ezay terroddi 3aleih?" "It's all your fault."

Females are expected to take all the degrading shit, and never utter a word. If they do, then they are completely responsible for, and deserve, whatever response they get.

6:54 PM

Anonymous ha ana za said...

Good cause and I completely back you- I dread coming back home to egypt because of all the shit there. When you get used to the peaceful anonymity of the west it seems to hurt even more getting harassed on the streets of Egypt just for existing. It sucks!

7:03 PM

Blogger halalhippie said...

MC, you can call yourself a man, not like those scumbags who assault women in the street.

Ladies, I challenge y'all to take a stroll in a Danish town, dressed like any native woman. When you walk past me and my mates, we might - if you look exotic - raise a brow and even smile in appreciation. If you're Haifa Wehbe, we might turn our necks and even slip an "oh-la-la" . But not one of us will say a dirty word or touch you.

And we're supposed to be the Godless, degenerate, sinful, etc.... ????

10:56 PM

Blogger Cleopatrina said...

its really beyond me,Everything is just wrong..the men the women.
Back to subject in hand..its great ur takin this to a more active level..awareness at the very least..and no Halalhippie it has nothin to do woth God now..its hypocricy and recklessness with the gravity of life and the afterlife..all over a touch of flesh FUCK

2:34 AM

Blogger Tiny said...

Cleopatrina: it's not this world that's fucked up, it's our world that is!
and blame it on the upbringing/culture/education, or lack thereof

10:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't know why some people here don't beleive this.
it is happening everyday to every woman, but they just prefere not to tell.
they are really painful experiences, & I exposed to many situations may be even worse since I were 5 years old (too young to be exposed to these situations) , & i even hate myself because i didn't know how to defend my self, every time I say I'll be prepared & then unconsciously i feel so frightened & i do nothing to defend my self, every time i hate myself even more, that i tried to hurt myself several times , & when i do so sometimes i feel better, it seems that i'm punishing my self, but am i the one who should be punished????

10:31 PM

Blogger Wild at Heart said...

I've spoken too:

11:09 PM


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