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21 October 2006

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

My friend calls me up at work... He tells me... Can I use swear words? I haven't used any so far... What the hell? What is this? How did this happen? Ever feel like you're in a lose-lose situation? And that if you try to explain yourself you'll end up worse than where you are now? Do I pretend I never heard it? Or do I face it and go for a confrontation? Which is the right thing to do? Which one does the least damage?

Was it a joke? Was it serious? How literal do I take it? At least now I know that I'm definitely missunderstood. There's an image of me that has formed that's not very accurate. I swear I'm not like that. Do I try to clear things up now? Or do I wait till that image becomes the real me. I meant all that said to you before. I explained myself didn't I? Why do you assume that I have other intentions, that I'm hiding behind feelings that I don't have? Maybe because you don't know me well. I can't blame you. I think I'll wait and pretend... but I've never been able to do that!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, You really should, you really really should get a DVD copy of the USA 2004 season 1 of the ABC TV show, LOST. And you should watch the character, "Sawyer". He is living the words you describe in your post, only he pretends he doesn't care at all. He's been this way ever since he watched his mother get beaten up by his father, and he decided he didn't want to be the weaker one. Always the stronger one. Even if that meant doing something nasty to stay on top.
Edo River rising

2:53 PM

Blogger N said...

sometimes no matter what you do, people don't see you. they assume ulterior motives, or deceit or pretense...

distinguish i would say... distinguish between those who have misunderstood you and those who were not built to understand you, and channel your energy accordingly.

we really are not all the same at all.

11:42 AM


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