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02 November 2006

I Used To Think

In my last post, Paint It Black, I expressed my doubts that sexual harassment reached the EXTENT that the anonymous commenter Girl described. I just have not seen a lot of the things that she described in person. Since then however, I have read a LOT of posts and comments from Egyptian females describing very similar, disturbing, experiences in Egypt. Not a single girl came out to say that it was not a prevalent day-to-day occurrence. Based on this, I apologize for casting such doubts. The sexual harassment problem is as real as it is troubling.


Blogger shlemazl said...

However it does not mean that all males in Egypt are party to this. Even if say 10% of all males are sick criminals, they can still spoil the life of every single woman in the country.

What puzzles me is that the 10% of sick males are not confronted by the rest of the country. I mean if something like this were to happen here you wouldn't need a blogging campaign. Police and official mass media would have handled it. The whole country would have been on it's ears.

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