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26 October 2006

How To Leave A Message

I played around with some code and added a feature called 'shoutbox' which you can find on the right panel of this blog. You can use it if you'd like to leave a note that everyone can see. Private stuff you should send by email of course. I can think of a few instances where you would use this 'shoutbox':

-to comment about the blog
-to say hello
-to ask general question
-to suggest something
-general (short) discussions
-whatever else that is
non-post related


Anonymous Anonymous said...

6:59 PM

Anonymous ghada said...

aM Ghada from lebanon , was searching for music by blend, but you came up instead.Though wierd I'd like ti know you better . I like what I read on your blog, am not a blogger though.
check my humble space and in case you wanted to contact me you shall find me on

4:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that comment but could I ask you to remove my e-mail address?
Thx in advance.

4:34 PM


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