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23 October 2006

How To Make Enemies

Someone sent me this, check it out. Her name is Wafa Sultan. Am I the only one that hasn't seen this before?



Blogger Lexcen said...

You must be the only one who hasn't seen this before.

11:00 AM

Blogger N said...

i havent seen it either! it hurts that i can only argue one point of the 15 she made...

11:35 AM

Blogger Red Tulips said...

Yeah, I posted that video on my website ages back. Powerful everytime I watch it.

2:22 AM

Blogger Fancy said...

This is incredible, thanks for posting because I haven't seen it either. Brave of you to post it?

8:20 PM

Anonymous ha ana za said...

haven't seen it either. Harsh stuff- she kinda makes a good point for secularist atheism but otherwise is kinda insulting.

1:36 PM

Anonymous ha ana za said...

btw what is this woman's religious background?

1:38 PM

Blogger halalhippie said...

MC, what do _you_ think of her. You must be the last one to know about her.

Ha ana za: Syrian Muslim, brought up to crap her pants at the sight of a Jew. Her school teacher was killed in front of her by jihadys. She has an issue or two with Islam.

10:46 PM

Blogger alyoucha said...

Nobody's defending Bin Laden or bigoted sheikhs who call for war against the west. But this educated lady should know better than to throw oil on the fire and talk about "the Muslims" as if they all supported terrorism - at a time when we're in dire need of people who understand both cultures and try to bring them together - people like the Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery, who wrote an EXCELLENT article in response to the Pope's comments last month - the best defense of Islam I've read in ages (read here: )

12:08 PM

Blogger cairoflock said...

wow, I kind of expected more from someone so educated. I mean she claims to be this open-minded secularist but she makes the same generalizations and stereotyping that she claims to be against. Kind of ironic, no?

3:56 PM


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