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15 September 2006

It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken

Here are some excerpts out of the last few days...

1. I waited for someone, online, but they never showed up!

2. Someone said they would email me 'akeed' (= for sure) the next day but they never did!

3. I met birthday girl in another gathering and we didn't even say hi this time! Don't you just hate it when you find out you didn't say hi to a person in the group and it's obviously too late to say hi now?

4. I promised someone I would call them after work but I never did!

5. I sent a message to someone I don't know!

6. My best friend broke up with his gf. He looked fine, but I can tell deep inside there is an emotional storm. Us guys don't show our emotions very much, even to our closest friends. They looked very happy together. The problem had to do with long distance and pressure from her parents!

7. If you're gonna break up with a guy, don't send an email to his friend asking him to take care of your ex!

8. I was in my work building when this girl, with an unusual smile, looked at me and walked past me. I turned my head around to see what's going on (ok... to check her out) and at that exact moment she looked back and smiled!

9. Someone called me 'such a sweetheart' for no apparent reason!

10. I met this guy for the first time, he was so down to earth and innocent. I polluted him with some of my ideas. I showed him how everything isn't so rosey. I felt bad afterwords!

11. I haven't started my to do list yet... time is running out!

12. Sam gave me an official World Cup bracelet for the German team as a present!

13. I can't find a good flip phone with a camera... does anyone have suggestions?

14. I talked politics with an old man and we bordered on religion. I was surprised to find that we agree on a lot of things!

15. For maybe the one hundredth time, I come to the conclusion that I cannot sing!

16. I was right in predicting the winner of Rockstar Supernova. In fact, I picked the top 2 right!

17. Had an uncomfortable elevator ride... one woman's husband left her for a younger girl. I used to know that guy, he seemed nice!

18. I keep getting emails (103 in the last month) directed to someone by the name of 'Rania Fahim' though my name is nowhere close. I never knew anyone by that name either. Rania, if you are out there, stop using my email!


Blogger feLfeLa said...

At least u didn't have to go through the handshake-kiss Versus hug ritual :D

off topic & out of curiosity: this isn't ur real picture, is it ?:)

8:26 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

Yes, I visited your blog. According to my sitemeter someone went from your blog to mine.



9:35 AM

Anonymous lexcen said...

15. Me too!

11:21 PM

Blogger Maat said...


#15-->>> well at least u said u can MAKE music, some ppl can't do neither.

silly question: are you by any change a sagitarian?

12:38 AM

Blogger still breathing said...

1- some people have a life.

2- who keeps promises these days?

3- so u didn't talk to her at all? thats weird.

4- check no.2

5- ..and?

6- if he looks fine, says he is fine..then he actually is fine. not all people are crushed by break-ups.

7- yea..unless u were dating a toddler.

8- the bitch!

9- ok, let's just hope that (s)he meant it.

10- how old was he?

11- well, start NOW!

12- good for u :)

13- not me

14- O, the old man is deteriorating and becoming a child once again.

15- were u to dumb to get that from the 1st time?

16- wow, so u r a psychic?

17- dhuuhhh..these guys r everywhere.

18- i bet u r green with envy that u don't get half as much emails directed to u. :P

the above just indicates how i felt i have to say something..not that i have something to say...right?

2:52 PM

Blogger Chris in MB said...

"...this girl, with an unusual smile"

OK, I've got to see it for myself. What's unusual about it?
Quickly get that "flip phone with a camera" & post the picture here!

BTW, I have an old Motorola V600, it works fairly well.

9:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess the Moto Razor and samsung has a couple and i know there is a nokia one but i dont know..Good luck finding one my sister loves the razor though..Im not cell person..My advice is useless..

2:04 AM

Anonymous Blackland said...

I tried to sum up my past few days in points, I came close to suicide. Thanks man!

8:37 PM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

I don't know, I think that previous encounter was better. At least I got to touch someone... that makes me sound like a creep doesn't it? :)

lexcen, oh only if we could!

Anyone can make music, they just never try :).
Actually I am a sagitarius... how'd you guess?

still breathing,
1. She fell asleep!
2. Talk is cheap!
3. It was weird. I am the king of awkward moments.
4. I am guilty too.
5. It was interesting.
6. If the breakup isn't hard then either the relationship wasn't serious or the couple are extremely understanding.
8. Why is she a bitch?????
9. She
10. 26 maybe
11. yep yep... I'm on it.
12. I'm wondering if I should open it or keep it packed and sell it in a couple of years!! That's evil though, selling a present.
14. Are you saying my ideas are childish???
15. Too egotistical maybe. But why are you calling me dumb?
16. Got lucky.
17. Really?? I don't see a lot of them.
18. They are not persnal emails, they're subscribtions and such...

Well, you know how there is a regular smile? The smile you put on when you get introduced to someone. This wasn't it. It was a big smile with a look and tilt of the head. I don't know how to describe it. It was just not a smile you'd give to a random stranger. Yes, I am implying that she saw something she liked and was giving me a signal :). But again, maybe I had my zipper open or something like that.

crazy girl,
The Razor is flat but it's big. I think I'll break it.

I don't see anything new on your blog. What's going on man?

8:37 PM

Blogger Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

im here to warn u... the TO DO LIST is the to DISAPPOINT list... its like a reminder of the THINGS u will never accomplish 100%

nakad ya3ni... so.. forget that... and well when a girl says ur a sweerheart she is flirting... if she throws a gazma at u for ignoring her she is also flirting only in an ARab type of way :)

masr um il dunya :P

9:19 PM

Blogger stillsmokin' said...

3. it sucks when that happens
8. sweet!
10. don't feel bad...reality bites fe3lan
11. it never ends
13. Nokia 6131 (still new and has great screen resolution. Moto RAZR V3x or something as well
18. Add to the junkmail folder

beace :)

9:07 PM

Blogger Reham said...

1- me too.. so depressing ..:S
4- La Vie!
5- lol.. i always send to the wrong persons..!? is it avirus or so!
6- always look strong, stiff and unmerciful after any break-up story.. deeep inside torn apart..
7- dih esmaha talakeeek
8- strangers in the night..i adore such looks they mean somthg..
9- u're ;o) <-- no flirt meant here :oD
11- very important although i always do them too late..
14- u're wise
15- bardo sing,,sing & sing
16- meen!??

12:31 PM

Anonymous clear said...

hey i just discovered your blog from SM land. Although i d seen your posts, i actually thought you were non-egyptian until i read something in the alcohol post- you know the one!

Well, a refreshing blog, if i may say so. i wish i had clicked on the link before.

#3 definitely annoying

as for #1 in the hug post- respect to you and try if you can to make him feel like he's one of the guys if there is such a phenomenon at your work place. I am sure he picked up on your compassion- it's often surprising how little things tht we do can have a big impact on people.

4:36 PM

Blogger nephthys said...

الطفلة التى مرقت من جوارى
و ابتسمت،
وجهى ...
هل ذكرها بشئ؟

لكننى لم أبتسم
فأنا مشغولة
ارتب النهاية على النحو الذى
لا يدين أحداً.

I know that the girl in no "8" isnt exactly a child, and that the lines may seem irrelevant, bas i dont know y the scene reminded me of these lines:)

11:52 AM

Anonymous izzi said...

Miscommunication is always amusing when ur not right in the middle… did u smile back at the girl that smiled at you?

11:40 PM

Anonymous deenie said...

Hey there,

1) It's the most depressing thing when you wait for someone that doesn't show up. Not only disappointing, but you also feel empty inside and like a jack ass for wasting time :)

2&4) Promises like those are overrated; that sh*t should be spontaneous

3) Hate it! but... it's never too late to say HI. In fact, it's a lot better when you do, even if it's late

8. Did you get to see her again?

9. There's always a reason

12. Snore... Germany's team. Italy was so much hotter

13. Definitely the Nokia 6131

14. I love it when there's more to people than you'd expected

15. oh, stop that. When I sing, people tell me I suck. That's why I sing when I'm alone in the car, and sometimes in the shower, lol

1:22 AM


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