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02 October 2006

The Great Gig In The Sky

And on the seventh day he relaxed and went out with his girlfriend, and he came back on the eighth day and he made them.

And he stood in front of them and said:
You are the man and the woman, and this garden is your garden.

They thanked him and asked:
Who are you?

He said:
I am the maker... I made all of this and I made you. I am the one that grants life and death.

The woman asked him:
What does death mean?

He told her:
Death is being away from all of this. Death is the darkness and the absence of thought, forever.

She said:
Oh it sounds so bad. Do you have to give us death?

He said:
I will not give you death if you fulfill my only demand.
Don't kneel to anyone, don't worship anything, not even me!!.
Do you understand?

The said quickly and eagerly:
Yes, Maker, we understand.

He said:
Good luck. Enjoy this garden, there is 'almost' no place like it!
I translated this from an older post by Alaa called The Morningstar Adventure. He said it's taken from a comic book, but I'm not sure which one. If you know, please shout it out.


Anonymous istas said...

i didn't know comic books were this deep...

11:43 PM

Blogger Lexcen said...

A philospher's comic book?

11:37 PM

Blogger The Raccoon said...

Istas - you have no idea. See Sandman, Y:The Last Man, Transmetropolitan, The Invisibles... this is just the tip of the iceberg.

12:27 AM

Anonymous Alaa said...

this is from Mike Carey's Lucifer an off shoot of Neil Gaiman's Sandman. check

these scenes which sounded too elusive in my write up are about Lucifer starting a new creation and trying not to repeat the mistakes of the original one.

1:53 AM

Blogger Faisal said...

Lucifer MorningStar it is Alaa!!!

10:32 AM


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