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20 September 2006

But By The Seeds You Plant

I have been working on an upcoming post but ran into some technical difficulties. I am close to figuring things out though so look out for it.

In the mean time, I want to tell you about this friend of mine Amr Salama, though we haven't talked in a long time. He is a very talented young director with an artistic vision and an excellent work-ethic. He showed me many of his material, like short/long stories, graphics, and videos and I think he has great potential. He made 2 unreleased music videos, one for the great Wust El Balad, and one for Hany Adel. I will try to post these videos pending his permission.

Check out Amr's new Afkar Productions and try some of the videos. I am sure you will hear more about him in the future!


Blogger Reham said...

i liked his website so.. he seems to be promicing!

12:33 PM

Blogger Will E. said...

Nice website indeed, Wust El Balad doesn't do it for me.. not fulfilling enough, highly over rated, but that's just my opinion.. don't shoot me.

5:04 PM

Anonymous Ha Ana Za said...

Nice website (from what I saw) but too challenging for my little pc- didn't get very far :(

10:55 AM

Anonymous deenie said...

hi, I left a comment for you on my page, if you want to go look at it. sorry for the inconvenience- i'm still new at this :D

4:42 AM


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