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09 September 2006

I'm Being Cut To Shreds

While you make pretty speeches
I'm being cut to shreds
You feed me to the lions
A delicate balance


Blogger La Gitana said...

I love that British performers can say what they want agaisnt certain dick wads running certain countries but when American performers do it they get Dixie Chicked. Sad really.

7:50 PM

Anonymous Crap said...

He should have shut up and kept on playing the piano, may be then things would have gotten any better,coz that guy has the worst voice ever!

9:53 PM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

Crap, what are you talking about?? That song is genius!!

11:00 PM

Blogger Blacklander said...

The song IS genius. In fact I want the radio version badly. Probably the music sheet too. Any tips?

6:43 AM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

Glad you liked it! The studio version of this song sounds nothing like this live version. In fact, it is the reverse! Anyway, email me and I can hook you up. The sheet music can be found here. But I'm warning you, it is a lot more complicated than it sounds.

If you liked this, you should try Immerse Your Soul In Love.

7:05 AM

Anonymous Blacklander said...

Thanks bro. I added you to my contacts just now. tracer48.
The notes are complicated, but hell I'm ambitious. I don't even read notes yet, but this should be my first project. Singing along with it will be a real bitch though.
Anyway, thanks again.

11:58 PM

Anonymous Edgar said...

Yuck! That's a horrible voice indeed, Blacklander!

3:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i ve given up the will to live listening to that song- sorry

4:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm, you've got that horribly wrong

10:49 PM

Anonymous ahmed said...

Radiohead are one of the best bands ever no doubt, it took me sometime understanding their brilliance, there's no much music that can satisfy me as their music

8:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this song is amazing.
emotionless americans can keep their opinions to themselves, unless they can actually understand the song.
the song is genius, and its amazing that a song with few words can have more meaning than a song with 200 words

2:18 AM


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