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21 August 2006

Where You Are, That's Where I Wanna Be

You can stop 4:00min into the Video. Note Santana is playing on a Gibson Les Paul!


Blogger La Gitana said...

can't deny Santana can shred a guitar huh? you think he writes music like C D F *go crazy on the guitar for 3 minutes* C F G *go crazy some more*?

I'm not big on electrics, but Gibson's pretty good across the sprectrum of guitars. I used to have a Gibson Hummingbird... I, regretably, had to part with it.

Good post, facking good song. Not too hard to play surprisingly, that is if you dont *go crazy on the guitar*

11:25 AM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...


I check out the Hummingbird... it looks pretty girly :).

It's not too hard to play Santana's part but all the filler/backround music is hard to figure out.

Why did you part with your gibson btw??

10:07 AM

Blogger La Gitana said...

It was like vintage 60s, absolutely beautiful, but I'm not much for taking care of a vintage guitar and the finish started to crack cause I actually PLAYED it. Anyway I gave it back to Guitar Center and bought a Martin instead.

7:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:27 PM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

Gitana, a guitar is built to be played!!

Glad you liked it my fav anon ;).

7:47 AM

Blogger stillsmokin' said...

very cool!
dude, can you help me here? i wanna know how to load video's like this
sanks :)

5:28 PM

Anonymous Debbie said...

My hubby has a Gibson re-issue bass guitar. It's a beauty and he plays like a genius. He would love to have a Les Paul

7:17 AM

Blogger Kvta said...

Glad you like Santana as much as I do.

12:34 AM

Anonymous izzi said...

ooooooooooh i used to love this song :) !!! memories

4:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I NEED THIS SONG. It's beautiful and almost made me cry.

PLease please please...

4:20 AM


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