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11 August 2006

Lost In The Crowds

After I showed you How To Be Inconsiderate and read your comments, I felt worse than before writing it. I guess I shouldn't be complaining about my feelings when my victim has possibly suffered irreversible damage. There is not much I can do but to vow not behave like that again. I promise you I will never do anything like that again.

I just realized that there is so much that I haven't told you about. I haven't told you about how my parents were trying to hook me up with girls at this wedding I went to last week. I haven't told you about the history of Count Dracula & Romania as told by this Romanian guy I met through work. I haven't posted any of the music that I made. I haven't told you about all the nice and intelligent Iranian people I've met.

This is not a proper post, I just wanted to tell you that I will be away for a few days again. I have to go to the airport 3 hours before the flight now because of all this terror crap. Anyway, I'll leave you with this Egyptian Rock/Metal video that I uploaded especially for you.


Blogger Joey said...

byte, they are good. Love your taste in music, man. :)

Glad you don't have any plans to discuss politics :D have a nice flight!

3:21 PM

Blogger Maat said...

something's wrong, it's not playing like it should!!

and damn..i'm being set up with guys these days too....what's wrong with parents these days? make music?????

have a safe trip :)

3:37 AM

Blogger Grafxgurl said...

oi!! dont beat yourself up over that..its over and done with...and you know now what not to do in the future...( or you can beat up someone you caught doing it hehhe..)

looking forward to your dracula stories! oh and do they have arranged marriages in Egypt too!?!?! i had one!! lol but it was the WIERDEST kind possible!! i dont think ANYONE would beleive me when i tell them i married a white guy in an arranged marriage... :D

12:12 PM

Blogger Reham said...

hehehe.. my parents r trying to do the same.. bs finally b2a.. zeh2o mny..loooooool

teroo7 w trg3 besalama MC.. aiting for ur stories ;o)

11:34 PM

Blogger Reham said...

I forget to tell u.. u've been tagged ya handasa ;o)

9:35 AM

Anonymous Blunt Pinky said...

You “make” music?! Wow! Why haven’t you posted any of your original pieces better than that one? You’ve been out of the country I suppose you probably don’t know that there are decent rock bands here, really, they do good music. I have one or two bands that I know you will like.I will send you some cool Egyptian Rock music to check out, may be you could start your own band ba2a since you actually “make” music yourself! :)

But this, ya Mc, I got bored from minute one! :D Really! The lyrics are pointless, don’t even make sense! The music is very bad, ti is so dull keda, the clip is chinchy, feen el story board aslan?! And on top of all the lead singer sucks big freaking time!

Cant wait to listen to your originals! ;)

6:24 PM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...


Thanks for stopping by. I actually have been discussing politics just not on this blog. It's very time/energy consuming.


It's probably your connection. I wasn't really set up... maybe I'll explain in another post.


It's not really 'arranged' and it's not 'marriage'. I guess I better explain :). I guess yours worked out pretty well though.


Thanks for tagging!

Blunt Pinky (indeed :),

Well... I am not a pro of course. Just fooling around with my guitar & stuff so don't get your expecations high. Some I am not happy with and need some work, some I need to record with my friend that sings with me, some I just hate, some need lyrics, some are ready just need to be recorded. But I'm sure I'll find something.

And about the band, actually that's the only Egyptian Rock band that I know that sing in Arabic! Maybe the lyrics didn't fit together but they had some good moments. The music & the lead singer I thought were not bad. The guitar solo was amateurish but still a good effort. The video isn't brilliant but again had it's moments. I didn't think it was that bad overall... I sorta liked it! You're making me think twice about posting my own stuff now :).

7:14 AM


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