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29 March 2008

How It Makes You A Weapon

I'll be back blogging soon. But for now I wanna tell you about this movie called Fitna made by a Dutch politician. It was released on the net only two days ago but due to its anti-islamic nature and the reaction/threats from various Muslim groups it has been pulled off of many sites. One site put this message after taking the film off. However, I did find the movie here:

Fitna Stream
Fitna Download

I haven't seen it yet but I say no to such an assault on free speech!!


Blogger Flawed.Design said...

wow. Okay i agree with the fact that freedom of speech should be allowed no matter what.

But let me ask you, it is a bit of a tangent though.

What do you think of the publication of the Prophet as cartoon characters representing islam in a very negative way? Is that freedom of speech as well?

9:58 PM

Anonymous Hicham said...

Freedom of Speech should be respected for sure.

I however just wonder if someone's freedom affected another one's, can we call it freedom?

I don't think so.

10:21 PM

Blogger Flawed.Design said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:41 AM

Blogger HalalHippie said...

MC: you " say no to such an assault on free speech!!" meaning "Fitna" is an assault on free speech ? Or closing down the site ?

FD `: "What do you think of the publication of the Prophet as cartoon characters representing islam in a very negative way? Is that freedom of speech as well?" Though you're not asking me, I'll chip in anyway: The bomb-in-turban cartoon was included in the film without the consent of Danish cartoonist K.W. (who recently escaped a murder plot) He never intended the cartoon as a stand against Islam, the Prophet or anyone.

Hailing from Denmark, I claim to understand the symbolism of that particular cartoon. Goes like this "the teachings of the Prophet IN THE WRONG HEADS can be explosive" (his very words) or - as I first saw it: "we" people are so ignorant that we think Prophet->Islam-> conflict->bombings... the joke is on ignorant Westerners like me. The people of the Middle East were never part of the original article.

But hey, what am I doing here on an atheist blog, defending the honor of the Prophet ?

To answer your question: Making fun of a religious figure (maliciously or not) goes under free speech. If, for example I believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster and you find it absurd, you're free to mock that all you like. I may or may not be happy about it, but that's my problem.

But surely the Prophet doesn't compare to the FSM, you say ? To an atheist it just might.

Sorry, MC to rant like this on your blog. The spirit came upon me....

12:19 AM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...,
Yes it is also freedom of speech.

How does this movie affect anyone else's freedom?? if any person disagrees or have evidence against it or can refute it they have every right to do so and let the viewer decide.

Taking down the video due to threats is an assault on free speech.

I agree with you on the FSM thing. But of course the Flying Spaghetti Monster does not compare the prophet... it compares to allah. Mohammad is a real person by historical consensus. I have, and everybody else, have the right to question/accuse or praise his message. Allah is different, he's not a historical figure but an unscientific, unfalsifiable imaginary concept. And I, and everybody else, have the right to mock, insult, or falsify this concept.

Feel free to rant here anytime.

12:04 PM


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