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03 January 2008

There Is A Woman In Somalia

There's this song that has always managed to bring me down even in my happiest moments. The song is called Pearls, by smoky Sade (go check it out!). I keep wondering if it is the song or if it's the mysterious human need for melancholy. I also keep wondering if it is a human need or specifically my own! Or is it me miraculously anticipating what is to come? Actually, believe it or not, I did write the last few lines in my happy times, part of an unfinished draft post. But, alas, it's no miraculous anticipation; there is no reason to feel gloomy after all!

In spite of my weak memory, I do remember. I vividly remember it, my uneventful life. I would estimate that it has been so until maybe 5 years ago. The change was gradual but lately it has been too eventful; I feel like I'm in a movie or a book or something. This stuff doesn't really happen, does it?? This stuff is crazy man. But hey, at least when I'm an old geezer I'll have a few stories for my grand children. I guess the grass isn't always greener on the other side after all; I'd rather be it too eventful than monotonous. Is there a chance that I'll ever take that back?

Do you ever meet friends that ask questions like "What's new man?" or "What have you been up to lately?”? Well, I do all the time and my answer is pretty much the same. "Not much" or "Same Old" I say with a silly smile on my face. Oh if they only knew! It is very nasty keeping things to yourself, not being able to share. When someone asks me that, my brain always does a quick ctrl+F for any tellable news that I might have, yielding no results usually. I too, like everyone else wanna seem interesting. I too wanna raise their eye brows or shake their heads. Instead, I have to look in their eyes, smile, and hide the mayhem inside me. At least on my blog I can say that there are things that I cannot say :D.


Blogger insomniac said...

i know that song... my most depressing one however is king of sorrow... my friend tells me that i have a norished eradet nakad....

btw, i think it's worse when ppl know u have 'news' to share, yet u have to say things like "not much" because ur simply sick of sharing and feeling exposed every time!

10:41 AM


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