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16 November 2007

Two Against The World

Very soon my dear. I almost can't believe it, but very soon it will happen. I can hardly wait for it to come. The moment we close our eyes and float up high. It is true that I haven't forgotten the taste of your mouth or the texture of your lips, but a memory cannot be enough. Can you picture it? I can't get it out of my head... our lips meeting again, hearing you breathe, smelling your skin, holding you...

I wanna get lost in that moment and I want nothing else on my mind... not what's around us, not the future... nothing. Let's live the moment and enjoy it. Let's not think about what is going to happen. Let's not figure things out. Let's not think about any possible goodbyes. Do you not agree that there is a human need deep inside us that seeks melancholy? Is it not seldom for people to be truly happy? And when they are don't they look for the empty half? Well let's not give in to that... please let us just enjoy the beautiful moments... they all are. Life is very precious, there is no eternal afterlife.

Dina, I wanna forget the world. I wanna immerse my senses in your being. I wanna let go of all these worldly worries and live in our own carefree universe with the sole purpose of enjoying one thing... only one. I wanna create this universe with my own arms around you. I know you are more than strong enough to face the world alone, you already have; but I can't help wanting to shield you with my arms. My arms are the universe and your shelter. I wanna smell your hair as you rest your head on my shoulder and clear your head from all that you've ever worried about in your life. Angels like you deserve that.

Though you lack the wings, you really are an angel, Dina. Your purity and innocence for one, they amaze me. Even your voice carries it. How you can be a grown up and a little kid at the same time is a puzzle for I have long since lost the kid in me. You are as transparent as an angel's apparition. And your skin carries that too! Your fragility moves something inside me that makes me wanna dedicate my life to safeguarding you. Yet I know you've got great strength inside you, stronger than I could ever be... you've already shown it. That's what an angel is to me.

Yes very soon... start parting your lips.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy for you ya dude :)

12:04 AM

Blogger shlemazl said...

Which lips are we talking about?

4:10 AM


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