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13 January 2008

Can You Spot A Pattern?

To further prove the randomness of this blog, here are some excerpts from my life/thoughts:

A friend of mine just had one of the weirdest dreams I've heard in a while. She dreamt she gave birth to twin tea cups. And yes, the cups come complete with the tea! She'd be constantly afraid that the cups would spill if she gave them to someone. If you stir the tea in the cup, a digital number appears on the surface indicating the number of defects in her baby tea cup!

I stayed up all night the other day writing the saddest song ever. It somehow moves me whenever I sing it and I get a lump in my throat and my voice trembles. My voice still sucks nonetheless as you should already know. Let me tell you, it is a little freaky to be moved by something you wrote yourself, but the song is so damn bleak there isn't a shred of light. The lyrics are up for interpretation of course but the tune itself is dark. Err, can't get it out of my head! When my friend Dim came over to try to sing it, he was like "What is this man? I'm choking up"

I had a chance recently to sit down with one of the top 5 religious figures in Egypt. Someone I know set up this appointment for me so I can discuss atheism with this guy. Now, I wasn't the one going after this meeting but was more like coerced into it. They were like "Just try, what is there to lose? maybe he'll answer your questions... etc." So I didn't wanna be the one backing out so I decided to go.

An atheist friend of mine was interested so we went together. After a few failed attempts to see this guy (he's very busy as you can imagine) we finally sat down with him. I am not gonna go through our debate, but it's enough to say that the guy was overwhelmed. I don't wanna be biased but I don't think he was able to answer any of our questions/arguments successfully. I as disappointed and satisfied at the same time. I was disappointed that a guy in his status has such embarrassingly weak positions against what we said. I mean, my friends give me a better run for my money. And satisfied cause it enforced the idea that all my reading/pondering is not trivial after all, that it at least can make a few faithful people stop and think for a bit.

We spent the last half hour of the meeting talking politics and making jokes, as the dude realized that we were not getting anywhere with our discussion. It was a dead end; he could not answer us, and he's obviously not gonna give up his faith.

I was riding the car with a couple of my friends when one of them exclaimed "We were just saying that you've been acting strange." (Arabic "ghareeb al atwar"). So I asked him what he meant when he said we. He then listed 4 or 5 names. Hmm... I didn't know what to say. I wasn't in the mood for confrontations... hearing how people feel about me and telling how I feel about them, so I brushed it off. Do they see me as the outcast now? Is it my atheism? Is it my secrets? Is it my libertarianism? It my quietness? (I tend to speak when I have something useful to say, I don't ramble) I don't think I care that much though, I sorta agree anyway!

"But the ancient Egyptians show little inclination to distinguish consistently between the two [event and ritual], and indeed it might be argued that Egyptian ideology during the pharaonic period was reliant on the maintenance of some degree of confusion between real happenings and purely ritual or magical acts." ~The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, page 4

Still true now, isn't it?


Anonymous Blacklander said...

The world is a confusing place. It makes some fear their deformities, or rather the inability to understand the symbolism of chaos. It makes most people melancholic about the little things because the big things cannot be articulated or related, and no one has a decent rendition of reality, and those who try too much come out bizarre and eccentric.
Reality and dream become interchangeable, and it has been true for thousands of years.

Is that a pattern?

5:22 AM

Blogger Interested said...

Very interesting post. I just discovered you through Atheist Hussy. I'll be have some good starting points.

9:17 PM

Blogger HalalHippie said...

"it is a little freaky to be moved by something you wrote yourself"

Tell me about it :-p

Now, are you gonna get *really* out on a limb and post the song ?

1:53 AM

Blogger Nora said...

Post the song..
Or a video of you singing it!

12:13 AM

Blogger Will E. said...

Two movie conversations come to mind that say the same thing about Atheism and Religion.

1. Robin Williams to Matt Daymon in Good Will Hunting after Matt Daymon got to him, while they were on a bench in the park.

2. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in The Bucket List on the plane, talking about belief.

The bottom line of any conversation really is that there's a bare minimum for the amount of logic that either Atheism or Religion can possess, and logically they're both valid in their own ways, but experience is the only one factor that tips off the balance.

There's no point in discussing religion or atheism logically because they're not determined by logic, they're determined by emotion, will and experience... to argue differently would be denial.

12:12 PM

Anonymous Zay said...


long time :P didnt know id stumble upon your blog.

I doubt you remember me but I think its better that way :)


Last time i talked to you I could swear you were Christian. May I ask to what changed your mind to being an atheist? If I may that is.
Ill come back to check the answer ...hopefully :)

9:53 PM

Blogger Zayneb said...

if your interested to further discuss this visit my blog.

10:06 PM

Blogger Modern Pharaoh said...

I wish you said a little more about your meeting with this religious figure!

i've been away for a year but just came back with a pretty long post! lol

8:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

one of the top 5 religious figures should be maher samuel. he goes to the states a little but he will be able to talk to you from a philosophical point of view as i think u do. loads of his recordings are on the net if you're interested

9:19 PM


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