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18 January 2007

There Are Two Colors In My Head

So Volks is a best friend. I’ve known him for such a long time and I adore the guy. But before I tell you about our conversation the other day, I gotta first tell you about his 5-year relationship.

Volks dated a nice girl called Ann for 5 whole years. They were generally very good together except for a few hiccups near the end. He put a lot into this relationship, and so did she. They broke up while they were still in love. The break up was a year ago. The experience changed him; he became somewhat cynical with a bleak outlook on life.

I personally thought they were different people. He loved Egypt, she didn’t. He loved Um Kalthoum, she didn’t. She loved Oprah, he didn’t. But I still thought they were a great couple and would have made it, had it not been for the situation they were in.

To this day he often brings up Ann and how they were together. We were at a café two days ago when he pointed out to me how the girl sitting across from us resembles Ann. “Look at her… she looks just like Ann. The way she plays with her hair… the way her ring finger goes up when she holds out her hand,” he said. I could see it in his eyes. He’s still hurt; a year wasn’t enough to heal the scar. I’ve talked to him many times before about this telling him it’s time he started getting over this, for his own good.

Anyways, so this girl that resembles Ann at the table cross brought up the whole subject again. Here’s the last part of our conversation:

Volks: You know what I miss most about Ann?
Me: What?
I was about to give him my usual spiel about how he should try to forget Ann a little and pay attention to his current girlfriend. He is going steady with this current girlfriend and things look serious yet he always compares her to Ann, something which I’ve constantly advised him against.
Volks: She was such a hottie! (in Arabic: “kanet mozza awy”)

I laughed very hard, tables around us started looking. Ah… guys will be guys.


Blogger Zee Puppette said...

lol...thts sad

11:58 PM

Blogger Myra said...

LOL...What an unexpected answer! hilarious :D

7:18 PM

Blogger Kichwa Tembo said...

hahahaha... that is amazing. and if volks' new girlfriend has somehow found your blog, she is PISSED

12:15 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm glad to know that guys get just as down as us girls after the break-up.

But scoping out the newest arrivals and laughing about it is the surest cure for a guy.

Can't really do that in hejab...LOL

7:34 AM


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