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20 November 2006

Uncertainty Excites Me

I had a busy last few days. Here's what's semi-interesting.

I went out with my few best friends the other day. We had good talks and good laughs. You know when you're with friends and you laugh at the slightest of things? Ah. As we drove home we sang along with the music, we couldn't talk, the mood was too perfect to disturb. Hmm... It sounds lot cheesier reading it now! They were not very happy though as I schooled them in table football/foosball that night. I still got the touch!

Then next day I met my other group of friends. The three of us were best friends at some point until we went on 3 week trip together after which it went downhill. I haven't seen these guys for ages. Sam was as loud as ever, broadcasting our conversation to everyone around. He's still womanizing. I hate how he womanizes, he's never been 1% serious with a woman in his life. Si had just changed jobs. He proposed to his gf the day before, and she said yes. He's getting married in a couple of years he said. That's a long engagement isn't it? It's funny because I remember this big talk we had just before he met his girl when he told me that he wants to stay single for at least 4 years.

My best friend Isso's gf emailed me the other day saying she wants to meet up. Is it me or is this weird, knowing that I've only met her for 5 mins? Do I meet her? Do I talk to Isso about it? Am I making a big deal out of nothing?

I also met up with this girl Dee whom I've known for less than 2 months. We somehow quickly became friends... close ones too (yes, just friends). We had a nice talk and we caught up. She gave me a card that I should open only on the plane! We said goodbye but I was too shy to tell her that I'll miss her. Idiot MC! Tried to rectify it in an email though.

Oh ya, the names are fictional obviously.


Anonymous Blacklander said...

Excellent choice of fake names. Weird, local, with a xeno touch. Perfectly passable for real. Bravo!

1:43 AM

Blogger shlemazl said...

What does the card say? Pleeease don't tell me you are still waiting for a chance to open it.

4:15 AM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

shlemazl, she told me to open it on the plane... I have no idea what it could say.

9:00 AM

Blogger Reham said...

if the real names were mentioned; then am not in MC's blog ;o)

never be shy about saying u'll miss her... it'll really makes her happy... and always remember u're only JUST FRIENDS ;op

it depends upon ur friend's mentality and his gf sincerity, it's ok to meet her; but on what basis!?

it's so hard to feel strange with ppl whom u used to feel home!

"I still got the touch" <-- u r ;o)

9:54 AM

Blogger Chris in MB said...

yeah! really! what the hell does the card say!!!

...well, alright, fine, maybe you're right in waiting.
Could be a test or a trick of some sort.

Women are well known to pull such things.
They can be sneaky creatures sometimes. ;)

btw, "yes, just friends"

-I lust over this woman, but am to shy to let it be known yet.-
hehehe, sorry but you really did deserve to be teased for that!

8:12 AM

Blogger Will E. said...

ahhh.. the idea of opening a card on a plane is very romantic, be you just friends or not..

11:35 AM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

I misplaced the card! Are you guys happy now?

7:03 AM

Blogger Reham said...

hahahaha what a guy u r MC.. just sqeeze ur mind.. u'll find it ;o)

9:31 AM

Anonymous izzi said...


I wish uncertainty would die.

3:58 AM

Blogger Wild at Heart said...

About Dee, I don't think meeting her is a good idea for one important reason: her bf, or any common acquaintance may see you together and spread the word.And surely u know hoe the 'story' could get bigger until it reaches her bf 's ears. If she really needs u as a friend (I'm trying to be unsuspicious as possible :) ) tell her to e-mail you, or you can chat, simply.

1:49 AM

Blogger Wild at Heart said...

OOPs! Sorry, of course I was talking about Isso's gf.

1:50 AM

Blogger N said...

have you found the card?

2:11 AM


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