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29 January 2007

I Won't Judge

The Creator created the year old puzzle. Before the puzzle, the Creator was not a creator. So in a way, the puzzle created the Creator just as the Creator created the puzzle. You’ve met the Creator shortly before the puzzle was created though you’ve heard of the Creator long before that. What you know of the Creator is part of the puzzle. Well, everything seems to be part of the puzzle.

The search for an answer to the puzzle has consumed you. It has been eating away at your brain this last year. What is the solution? Can anything possible fully explain all parts of this puzzle? But you know that whether or not a solution exists is also part of the puzzle. You obviously can think of a few possible solutions to the puzzle, but none of them seem to answer all the questions to your satisfaction. You always reach a point where you’re left with a missing piece, or an extra piece. Something is wrong.

Are you obsessed with the Creator or with the puzzle? Or is obsession even the right word? The puzzle was created bit by bit, built up. You were there as it was getting tougher and tougher, as it grew bigger and as new pieces were added. After all, this puzzle is for no one else but you. The puzzle was made, purposefully or not, for you. You were there as every piece of this puzzle was laid out. Its rules defined. Its questions multiplied.

It is a slap on the face, the fact that the puzzle baffles you. And so is the fact that you cannot forget that fact. Why are there so many extra pieces yet so many gaps? You know that the right thing to do is to forget the puzzle. Let it go. But you’ve tried time and time again with no avail. It’s always there, like a splinter in your mind. The echo of the unanswered questions still lingers in the back of your mind even when you’re busy with something else. You tell yourself that it is not your nature to let go of an unsolved puzzle. You have to free yourself and find the solution.

You cannot find the solution with what you know now. There are many possible reasons for this. Maybe you do not know all the pieces. Maybe you are trying to fit the wrong pieces. Maybe you are too stupid to find it on your own. Maybe you are inexperienced. You have promised yourself not to judge the Creator until you know the solution. After all, isn’t the Creator part of the puzzle?

But the Creator must know the answers. Yes, the Creator knows the answers… that you are certain of. Though whether or not the Creator is oblivious to the creation of the puzzle is also part of the puzzle. But even if the Creator is not aware of the existence of the puzzle, the solution must be with the Creator. The Creator has to know.

You know where the true solution is. You know where the answers to all the whys are. The Creator is the key. The Creator has all that you long for. The problem, is that the Creator does not return calls. The Creator is elusive, hard to get a hold of. The Creator sends messages every once in a while though. Yet these messages do not hint as to what the solution is, not with great certainty anyways. The last time you saw the Creator, you were quite literally in bliss! And that was by pure chance, you had not planned it. And that was the only time you’ve seen the Creator since the puzzle was created.

The only way to find the true solution is to meet the Creator, again. And you know where to find the Creator. You will wait for the right moment before facing the Creator. The Creator will not expect it, but it is the only way. You only need a few minutes to get what you want. Something tells you that you’ll be able to see the answers in her eyes!


Blogger Cairene said...

You're definitely obsessed with puzzles, you enjoy making them! lol. Funny I thought it was about something completely different till I saw the HER. lol.
It's intense, though!

4:09 PM

Anonymous izzi said...

maybe the puzzle created the creator.

11:38 AM

Blogger N said...

good good post! the her in the end threw me off...

5:38 PM

Blogger Will E. said...

The creator was always the creator, it just took the puzzle for you to realize that.. because time is just a physical limitation.

11:59 PM

Anonymous Blacklander said...

The last line slayed me.

2:28 PM

Anonymous Simulator said...

Excellent post mate ! May I steel this post and share it with some other creators who puzzle me. If you forgive, please say YES. Splendid !

1:31 AM

Anonymous Puzzled said...

I feel like this was written for me. Thank you.

1:40 AM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

You can share it, simulator, just give me credit. Thanks guys.

3:11 AM

Blogger maggie said...

This is awesome. May I also share it? I will most certainly give credit.

6:32 AM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

Go ahead Maggie.

9:46 AM

Blogger maggie said...

Thank you!

2:09 PM

Anonymous ghada said...

hmmm.Now Am puzzled. I thought I was my creator.Aren't we all!

4:39 PM

Blogger Muard said...

its inetsrting...but.its like the well known proverb....whats the first...egg or chicken.....I have also lots of thought about creature & creation before some years ago when i was the student of engineering.....lots of question arise on me where i always found great enigma....i am a last i come to a solution..that is we should not think about our knowledge limitation & overall process in our life full of probelem that maximum cant think this way....this process also created by god cz if u have no probelem then u must think about tahts type of enigmatic things where u ll nt get any dont worry ...where u still dont know ...what is zero

12:34 AM

Blogger Egyptian Kangaroo said...

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