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12 June 2006

The Happiest 12 Hours Of My Life

OK I'm gonna look on the bright side this time... just to prove that I'm not... you know... a negative person.

So we had a few more conversations... me and my friend. I called her, made a suggestion, and it went through... it was great, we agreed on a solution. And I lived the next 12 hours of my life in pure bliss... everything was ok, there was a plan... an attempt, at least. It was an amazing state of peace of mind... there is nothing quite like it.

I should have done something with those 12 hours though... like dance around in my room, write a song or something... I should have somehow celebrated those rare and precious hours... but wait, that's not really looking on the bright side!

I was, of course, oblivious to what would happen next... complete closure of the whole thing! The suggestion is not gonna work, she said. It is not going to solve the problem. There is no solution. Maybe I agree with her... It might not work and we may end up where we are now. But what if it did work? I have no idea. Maybe it could never work. OK where is the bright side here? Oh wait... those 12 happy hours!

Listen, I am not gonna tell you about the lump in my throat, the pain my chest, the lack of sleep, my day at "work", or my utter inability to think about anything else. I am a positive person now.

I've decided... I am not going to let the circumstances guide me... I control my life and I can choose my path... Oh that flicker of hope is gonna kill me, I know it...


Blogger Sand-E Sez said...

Wouldn't life just be grand without the lumps in our throats? Good luck with that.

5:51 AM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

I think it went away now!

1:28 AM


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