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03 June 2006

When You Build A Bridge

A bridge is a dangerous thing. I mean it can be dangerous if it's not built properly right? I am no civil engineer but my guess is that when they design these things they do it based on PROVEN facts. You know.. formulas... science. If not theoretical formulas, then empirical ones. And if the empirical formulas are known to be a little inaccurate then a larger safety factor is used. Everything has a reason... some logic. At least they do their best to make it that way.

Now, to me, the law is dangerous as well. People's lives depend on it. It's gotta be based on proven concepts, not on beliefs. Just like bridge building is based on science and logic so should the laws that govern us. Why do we base our laws on religion? Why do we base them on just BELIEFS... like the what's in the Bible, the Quran, the Torah or even the satanic bible. Religion is between the person and their god(s) or lack thereof. Just keep it out of the system imposed on society... for God's sakes!

Unless we base our society on sources that are more definitive we'll never make it to the other side. The bridge will fail taking everyone down with it.


Blogger shlemazl said...

I believe in myself and my family and in my friends and in people being generally good. You think it will take me to the other side?

Sorry, did not mean to be so serious :-)

12:10 AM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

I am not talking about personal beliefs. You can worship or believe whatever you like. Just don't force these beliefs on everybody else. i.e. the law/government... etc should be independant of religion.

2:26 AM

Blogger shlemazl said...


7:01 AM

Blogger N said...

ya rab katar min amsaalak.

11:44 PM


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