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10 June 2006

I'm Trying To Land

2 of my favourite things put together!! Bjork... and flamenco!!


Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

Nobody likes it the way I do ?!?

10:11 PM

Blogger FreudianSlip said...

Love the flamenco...Something just doesn't sit right with Bjork...maybe the screeming? or the white paint on her face? i really don't know.

The flamenco is lovely though:)

6:48 PM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

What? The screaming is the best part :).

11:34 PM

Blogger Cleopatrina said...

ingenious:) alil banguardista
poco flamenco but enough to say its still vibing

3:30 PM

Blogger cairoflock said...

this song is so intense, actually all of bjork's songs are, they make you forget where you me goosebumps

5:32 PM


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