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01 June 2006

Egyptians Vs Jews

Here are some stats...

Nobel Prizes to date: 758

Jews: 170
Egyptians: 4 (half of which are for Peace!!)

Jewish Population: 15.5M (worldwide)
Egyptian Population: 78.9M (Egypt only)

Jews: 0.24% of the world, 22.4% of the winners
Egyptians: 1.21% of the world, 0.5% of the winners

Draw your own conclusions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are you comparing a nationality to a religion? I don't think this is a reasonable comparison. Jews are spread all around the globe, and so they have experienced many different cultures and have lived very different lives. Egyptians are, well, mostly, in Egypt, and they do not get the same opportunities.

5:08 PM

Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

The Jews are not necessarily the people who practice Judaism!! Being a Jew is both ethnic and religious. In my stats, about 10% are converts, the rest are ethnic.

Stats can be deceiving though... and that's why I said draw your own conclusion.

But ya, the comparison is not fair... cause they're much better!

8:55 AM

Blogger Christian said...

lol @ karembu. I clicked post comment to write the exact same thing and found you already wrote it. Couldn't agree more I guess

11:58 AM

Anonymous Melanie said...

karembu, if you want to compare Nobel Prize Jews to Muslims then here is another comparison:

3:56 PM

Anonymous SARA said...

What shall this list tell us?

Almost all of these people on your list did their work on american universities, big number of the remaining ones researched in Europe.
Rich, free countries with famous universities, best conditions for independant work, various scholarship programs and the list goes on......
How can you compare scientifical work under these conditions to work in hardly developed countries, in regions with illiteracy rate of 40% and more.....
What's the point to shorten such a complex imo political issue to a question of affiliation to certain ethnic groups :s

12:13 AM

Blogger shlemazl said...


Jews do well against most ethnic groups, including European ones.

Having said this, we are all semitic cousins. Why don't we unite and try to beat the Anglosaxons in Nobel Prizes?

Mechanicalcrowds, you will be very welcome to join the Apes and Pigs Alliance :-)

12:05 AM

Blogger forsoothsayer said...

jews are generally very smart and ambitious people (at least all the ones i know).
but yeah, ur comparing two very different groups under very different cicumstances.

11:49 PM

Blogger Gilgamish said...

sometimes the type of personality makes a person more productive than another. you can have some smart ppl, some might like to chill and smoke some pipe, and some probably would to discover the mystery of life and pre-occupy their minds with constant thinking.

not everyone is willing to reach their potential, you gota keep that in mind.

Jews they like to prove themseleves. others are just laid back.
besides, one can grow his/her IQ, it is not fixed or constant.

12:07 AM


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