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07 September 2008

And The Bitterness I Felt

Mmm, I haven't blogged in so long. Blogging just brings back so much memories it's been hard getting to this page again! But let's not talk too much about that and move on. Well, let's change gears. Here's a list of my top MUSIC turn ons :).

  • One of the sexiest things a girl has done for me is take out a pen and a pad and write down the music that I liked, and yes that did happen. (I guess either I'm not getting much or I'm into music that much.)
  • I love it when my favorite artists cover one another. Or when they cover a song that I really like. It's really cool when you find out that your favorite bands dig the same stuff that you do. They're tend to be hard tracks to find for some reason. For example, Radiohead covering Bjork's Unravel and Portishead's The Rip, or Bjork covering Billie Holiday's Gloomy Sunday, or Death Cab For Cutie covering a few Bjork tracks, or Damien Rice covering White Stripes' Seven Nation Army, or Lole Y Manuel covering a few Um Kalthoum tracks, or Tori Amos covering REM's Losing My Religion, or Seu Jorge covering David Bowie's Space Oddity, or Dave Matthews Band covering Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower, or Natacha Atlas covering Jacques Brel's Ne Me Quitte Pas, or Devendra Banhart covering Janis Joplin's Summertime. You get the idea right? If you have any recommended covers, do post.
  • I love it when I talk to someone, introduce them to an artist and then find out months or years later that they've become hardcore fans of that artist. I just get this weird sexual attraction to that person once they admit that they now love that music! It hasn't happened too many times, but I've made a few Bjork, Radiohead, and Devendra Banhart fans along the way. Of course, the opposite happened a lot more.
  • I get this narcissistic pleasure when I think of the tracks that I have for these obscure smalltime artists that you cannot easily find music for. Like I've found these hidden gems that few people heard. For example, Forest City Lovers, Convoj, Larkin Grimm, and Ruba Saqr. The latter is playing in Cairo with Eftekasat by the way, do check her out.


Blogger HalalHippie said...

"Tori Amos covering REM's Losing My Religion" .... should be played in every madrassah ... pun intended.

Good t'have you back

10:52 PM

Anonymous Deenie said...

I love Smashing Pumpkins' cover of Landslide (by Fleetwood Mac). Check it out - you might hate it the 1st time you hear it, but after a few times it becomes the best song in the world :)

3:16 PM


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