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01 April 2007

By The Ways Of Bluetooth

Can't talk politics now so I'm gonna talk personal instead.

In all the ways possible in meeting a gf, Bluetooth is one that never crossed my mind. But it happened. I met Ouba by Bluetooth. Basically you keep your Bluetooth activated on your cellphone when at a cafe then try to match the name to the face. You watch the movements... you identify the person... you bluetooth flirt... you look... you smile. Strange isn't it?

Now that this is real, I gotta think of the consequences. We're in the ritual of 3 or more phone calls a day and have gone out. It's only been a week but I gotta think about it now before it developes and the stakes get higher. She's not my gf yet, but at this rate she will be very soon unless I decide otherwise.

There is a side issue to this relationship that probably needs a post on its own. Ouba's cousin, who is married and has a kid, is having some sort of a relationship with my best friend Volks (who has a gf by the way). Volks hooked up with her as I was hooking up with Ouba by Bluetooth as well. Volks is playing with fire, I know.

Ouba's a nice beautiful girl. She's easygoing, caring and funny. She's got a sincere laugh. She's got the Egyptian skin tone with kind eyes and hair that flows nicely when her hand moves through it. She has nice figure too.

My friend Tau once told me this: "we like the fact that we have a girlfriend more than we like the girlfriend herself." I don't want to fall into that trap. I'd like to have a gf, but I'd like to have one because I love the girl and not as entertainment. I don't want her to be my rebound or me hers.

Well, what's wrong with Ouba? Nothing is wrong with her as a person. It's just that as of now, I have no feelings for her beyond friendship. I'm not even getting the physical attraction though my friends think otherwise. I don't love her, and I don't see myself loving her in the future.

Why do I not have feelings for her? Well, we're on different levels of... thought, interest... etc. She cares more about clothes and jewelry than I do. I think more about life and ethics etc more than she does. I care more about music than she does.... or we care about different kinds of music.

How will she react when I tell her about my atheism? She'll surely freak out though I have hinted to it many times already. Will she understand me? Will she understand my opinions about life and relationships? about religion and faith? How will she react if she learns about this blog? or when she hears the music that I like? like Bjork & Radiohead? flamenco or klezmer music? She just will not get it... But is there a girl that might get all of this?

Everyday the girl is becoming attached and I'm not. I'm not feeling her. I'm sorry Ouba, it's something that I cannot control. I really don't want to hurt her, I care about her in that sense. I would hate to have her suffer from a break up. But how much am I going to sacrifice to prevent that from happening. Am I going to sacrifice having a cute gf for a few months so she doesn't get hurt? That sounds like the right thing to do, but how many guys out there can take that step?

I don't feel guilty going into this quite yet as it's only been a week. My excuse is I'm getting to know her. I think I'll give it just a little more time to be sure that I don't have feelings for her. But why can't I be like a self-respecting hormone-driven male and get at least a kiss out of this before it goes down? Well, I don't know yet... I might do that too.


Blogger embee said...

Dude. See her for a while - have some fun. Let it fade away when it's meant to. You never know, but she might be feeling the same way too.. Or was that too horrible of me to say? :$

12:31 PM

Anonymous bohar said...

If you get her out of her clothes I hope you'll post some pictures.

9:37 PM

Blogger Maxxed`ouT said...


8:41 PM

Blogger Nora said...

Well.. I am not sure how fast most Egyptian girls want relationships to move.. but it has only been a week. i doubt she is picking out the baby furniture or anything. Just be honest with her and don't lead her on. If you are enjoying it than go ahead.
I guess it also depends on whether you are the type who has feelings for a person instantly or if your feelings develop over time. If you are the "instant type" than you know this really will go nowhere.. end it. But if you are like most people and your feelings develop over time, give yourself, her, and this "so-called" relationship some time. Time is a bitch, not a promise... by giving yourself time you are not promising anything. You never know when you will be pleasantly surprised.
I do not think that favorite music genres should be a big deal... maybe she'll like your music when you introduce her to it.. (come on ya3ny.. Bjork & Radiohead do kick ass.. very hard not to like them!) Worst case scenario; you pick music you both like when you're together..
Religious views are a bit more important, when you know that you have sincere feelings for her than talk to her about it...

Hehehehehehhe.. sorry for the long post.. the downside of being opinionated!

9:14 AM

Blogger HalalHippie said...

"Religious views are a bit more important" ....

As a European infidel, this is really strange to me. I can't imagine two youth bringing up the topic of religion while dating. Not in my end of the world, anyway. Maybe after _really_ getting to know each other, one might say, "I think I may believe in some kinda God - sort of" or "I don't believe none of that mumbo-jumbo" and they'd move on to more...hmmm... tangible subjects.

re: tha girl. (Take it from an old, experienced hawny) go w/the flow, whatever sweetness she'll want to give you, accept it with gratitude. You'll end up regretting more things you don't do than things you do do.

11:33 PM

Anonymous Faisal said...

Dude! I'm shocked!




4:11 PM


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