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03 March 2007

Hello Mr. Siff

I got into an argument at work with a guy that earns 400,000 LE per month. Let’s call him Mr. Siff. He's the owner of a sister company that shares the office space with mine. He also happens to be a relative to the owner of my company. The feud lasted for about 20mins non stop. Myself, my friend Volks, and the owner of the company were showing Mr. Siff a piece of work that I have done with some help from Volks. Now Volks and the owner believed that that piece of work was something to be proud of, so they started showing it to Mr. Siff.

He started criticizing my work. He has this aggressive, yet well thought-out, way of speaking that makes you naturally go on the defensive. Yet, I think I did a good job of leaving my emotions out and being objective. When I thought his comments were in place I said so. But when I thought he was out to lunch I stated my disagreement straight out yet respectfully. The argument developed exponentially with peeks and valleys. He spoke a little loud at times and hinted at discrediting my experiences. He started using his credentials as arguments. I dodged both attempts I think. I was unorthodox in that I was able to tell him “you’re right” in the middle of a few heated side discussions.

Both Volks and the owner were silent as they were watching the battle, though I think they were both largely on my side yet trying to avoid a collision with Mr. Siff. The argument did not end with me leaving the company thank luck and randomness.

No matter how many people suck up to you Mr. Siff, I’m not gonna be one of them. I don’t care how much you make or who you are. If I disagree with you I’m gonna tell you what I think straight out, even if it means losing my job. I’d rather be jobless and free than be employed knowing that I've sucked up to someone just because they make more money.


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