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17 March 2007

El Korba 2007

I went to the Korba 2007 Festival today, which is what I'm gonna call it since it lacks an official name, in Baghdad St. in Korba, Cairo. I don't know exacty what it is that was being celebrated but I heard it's for the beginning of spring.

It's one of those events where it was overwhelmingly the Nedifa people showing up. Nas Nedifa literally means "clean people" in Egyptian but in this context it means people that are financially ok. i.e. people are wearing brand names and designer sunglasses... etc. It caught my attention that it was pretty much 100% nas nedifa, knowing that it was a public festival and that probably less than 10% of Egypt is nas nedifa. How did it filter out like that? I'm not sure.

These are people that go to the nice cafes and the Cilatros and that have access to the internet like you. It is not very common to see a gathering of the size that I saw today all of nas nedifa. I could understand it in the case of the SOS Concert because the tickets were distributed online, but in Korba it was public.

Overall I really liked it. The live bands were good and the atmosphere was great!! There were moments where I was wondering if I was really in Egypt (in a good way). The rest of my day was bloggable not to mention the drive home with the super high taxi driver.

Here are some pics:

This is Black Theama playing live. The highlight for me were their two songs "Koon Sa3eed" (Be Happy) and "4 Seasons, Grand Hyatt". The violinist was great. New genres of Egyptian music is in the making here. Wust El Balad played after and they were great as well though they did not play my favourite songs for them.

Just a random pic so you can kinda see the amount of people that was there today.

Drinking beer on the streets of Cairo. I like this pic!


Anonymous N N said...

Egypt has street festivals? I'm missing out on so much! It looked a beautiful day.

5:01 AM

Anonymous Xodar said...

Looks like fun. Reminds me of the big jazz festival we have here that I haven't gone to since 1960something.

5:32 AM


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